Sunday, September 23, 2007

WCA Member: Diana Riukas is recipient of a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Grant

The $7,000 grant is for qualifying art educators in NJ public schools who are also practicing artists. I received notice of acceptance for the grant in April 2007. Fifteen artist/teachers were selected. $5,000 goes to the artist to use as they want for artistic pursuits, as designated in their individual proposal. I am using my grant for the remodeling of my garage into a home art studio and for art supplies to create a school mural to honor our centennial. My school was built in 1907.

The remaining $2,000 must be used for a school interdisciplinary art project for the school year 2007-08. I have planned to use funding for the creation and printing of about 350 student created books, including comic books, class written stories, and a book about the history of our school: Carroll Robbins Elementary in Trenton, NJ. The books will all be student written and illustrated and will be about seven different books total with multiple copies made to equal about 350 copies for children and staff. Funding will also go toward art supplies for students to make hand-made books, for school murals, and for an art family night.

For more info or questions about the grant, please e-mail me at

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