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 Location:                       SPP Galleries
                                      The Philadelphia Inquirer Building, Route 23
                                      Conshohocken, PA  19428
                                      map and directions at <>

Dates/Hours:                  April 9 – May 3, 2013; open daily, 10 am – 5 pm

Artists Reception:
Saturday, April 13, 5 – 7 pm

This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Women’s Caucus for Art, Philadelphia Chapter and the Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists.


We live in a violent world: school shootings; terrorist bombings; unending warfare; political assassinations; muggings; rape; battery; murder; child abuse; human trafficking . . . the list goes on and is, regrettably, way too long.
This timely exhibition by more than two-dozen women artists addresses some of the complex and difficult questions surrounding the topic of violence. The works range from Michele Colburn’s Bearing Arms (three giant teddy bears whose plush fabric reveals disturbing patterns) to Jing Deng’s American Nightmare (a painting of a school’s playground viewed through the cross-hairs of a scope). Other pieces consider wars and their aftermath, including the lingering effects of the Holocaust. Some approaches are cool (such as Pamela Flynn’s tally marks in Still Counting) while some are decidedly emotional (like Gail Morrison-Hall’s Bloody Self-Portrait). Others play close to home looking at women in the military (Krista Jiannacopoulos’s Combat Confidential), while still others take an international view (Wendee Koren’s Once Upon the End, where the eyes of a woman peer out from the slit of a niqab, or Cindy Back’s No Violence: Las Casas de Suchitoto, a series of silkscreens based upon her recent trip to El Salvador).
One of the display cases features a grouping of handmade dolls from The Ragdoll Project. Made by a variety of artists and other volunteers, the Project is an ongoing effort by the Philadelphia Women's Caucus for Art that educates the public about human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. The artists involved also work to support survivors, and at-risk women and children.
VIOLENCE artists:
Joan Arbeiter
Cynthia Back
Mildred Becker
Revital Brandes
Michele Colburn
Lucretia D. Coleman
Karen Love Cooler
Jing Deng
Pamela Flynn
Krista Jiannacopoulos
Anne Kantor Kellett
Simone Kestelman
Wendee Yudis Koren
Virginia Maksymowicz
Gail Morrison-Hall
Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski
Beth Prusky
Cindy K. Renteria
Heather G. Stoltz
Karen Starrett
Bonita Tabakin
The Ragdoll Project
Carol Wisker

More information about The Ragdoll Project can be found on Facebook: <>.
More information about the Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists can be found at <>.


Virginia Maksymowicz                                     Karen Love Cooler                                    

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