Monday, January 08, 2007

D. McCarthy interview

Jaymi Heimbuch interviewed D. McCarthy for "Girlistic" magazine's premiere winter edition. Here is what she said when asked about the WCA Philadelphia Members Show:

"We actually ran what amounts to a three part exhibit. In one room, we had a solo exhibit by one of our members, Angela Victor, related to gender manifested in nature. Then in another room, we had The Dress Project, which incorporates sewn squares designed by various women into a large dress that occupies the center of the room. Surrounding the dress, we had the WCA Members Show. We wanted to continue this theme of various expressions of gender. Since the dress is a very large textile piece, we decided to limit our expressions to those that related to textiles. In my work, I chose to deal specifically with a feminine experience and thus bring light to some of the things women tend to keep quiet about" the loss of hair, menstruation, and dealing with underwires. We also wanted to do a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I chose to bring together our talented performers into a Patchwork benefit performance. We used the funds we raised to send a box of brand new art supplies to be disbursed through the LSU Art Supply Drive."

To read the rest of the interview follow this link
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