Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Katrina Diaries

Phila WCA members Bonnie MacAllister and Alison Altergott participated in this show:

Women's Reflections and Katrina Diaries @ The Ratner Museum

The opening reception for Visual Reflections from Washington Area artists & "Katrina Diaries" from New Orleans artists was almost electrifying as a near capacity and excited crowd filled the Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum on Sunday afternoon in Bethesda. This exhibition is presented by Women's Caucus for Art, Greater Washington DC Chapter (WCA/DC).

On hand for the festivities included Jennifer Colby, who is the National President of the Women's Caucus for Art (WCA) and several members of the New Orleans, Louisiana Chapter of the WCA, Phyllis Parun who organized and facilitated the “Katrina Diaries.” A variety of work including digital photos, collages, works on canvas and paper greeted guests as they viewed the visual "diaries" reflecting the thoughts of WCA members from the DC area and New Orleans regarding Hurricane Katrina.

The Katrina Diaries includes work by members of the New Orleans/Louisiana Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art in response to Hurricane Katrina. These works travel throughout the country to various Women's Caucus for Art chapters, where the chapter members create work in response. Artwork by members of both chapters is then displayed together in one group exhibition called the Katrina Diaries. The exhibition is on view until September 25th and will move to Chicago at the end of the month.

Special thanks to Margaret Paris, the WCA/DC Exhibition chair for a fine job of coordinating the Washington, DC exhibit.

WCA/DC Artists:
Alison Altergott
Joan Marie Barringer
Marguerite Beck-Rex
Vicky Beine
Sharon Burton
Donna Calacone
Susan Feller
Jane Forth
Mara Odette Guerrero
Marilyn Hayes
Patrise Henkel
Angela Hennessy
Jennifer Judelsohn
Elaine Langerman
Bonnie MacAllister
Linda Marks
Elena Maza
Roberta Morgan
Sunni Morgan
Marcelle Pachnowski
Margaret Paris
Cherie M. Redlinger
Luba Sterlikova
Joan Tarbell
Mary Jo Tydlacka
Katie Weaver
Ann Marie Williams
Barbara Wolanin
Tanekeya S. Word

Katrina Diaries Artists:
Jan Arrigo
Kichea S. Burt
Pati d'Amico
Ze' daLuz
Lee Grue
Pat Jolly
Krista Jurisich
Marsha Materson
Melanie Owen
Cely T. Pedescleaux
Phyllis Parun
Cindy Renteriae
Elizabeth Shannon
Denise Tullier-Holly
Angela Weedle

From co-president, Bonnie MacAllister
"This was an amazing day with hundreds
of people in attendance,
and it was followed by a great party
at Barbara Wolanin's.
Marcelle Pachnowski says hello! As do Margaret Paris,
Marilyn Hayes
(soon to be our National President), Jennifer Colby
(current National President who flew in from CA),
and Barbara Wolanin.
So many of the WCA/NOLA chapter were there,
and they were amazing people!"
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