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beautyflowerpoem's photo from 10/12/07

The American Cancer Society

Greater Hazleton Area Unit

in collaboration with

Beauty Flower Poem

A relief sculpture featuring floral relief fragments
from the recent ceiling restoration in the
historic Markle Building in Hazleton, PA.
Art valued at $1200
Tickets are $10
Can be purchased at the American Cancer Society
Call 570-459-1212, Option 3, Ext 3332 or

The local telethon
will be a live broadcast from the Laurel Mall, Hazleton, PA
on WYLN Channel 35. The telethon date is Saturday, February 23rd. It is a one day event.

beautyflowerpoem's photo from 2/6/08

Opening Reception on Friday, March 7, 2008
6:30PM - 8:00PM
Artist Kathy Dobash
1. These are the Spirits of the Flowers
Watercolor NFS
Prints and Poetry $90.00
The book is a collection of eight poems that focus on
recovery from traumatic experiences. The poems are
printed on vellum and overlay paintings.
The poems and images are by artist, Kathy Dobash.
The paintings are printed on quality archival paper.
Each book purchased will be signed by the artist.

5% of the profits of all sales of this limited edition
printing will be donated to RAINN. Look for a link on
their website to my ETSY shop.

The book was created in collaboration with photographer,
Marlin Wagner. Marlin photographed the artwork and
assists Kathy with the publication of this limited
edition printing.
Book Size: 8 3/4" x 11 1/2"
3. Deaden Soul
Mixed Media watercolor,paper $450.00
4. I Have Closed Eyes
Mixed Media watercolor, paper $450.00
5. Sleep Walking
Mixed Media watercolor, paper $450.00
Mixed media watercolor,paper $450.00
7. Kristin
Mixed media watercolor, paper $250.00
Original Painting/Collage
I am posting this
original work for sale to benefit the
September Project for Rape Response Services in collaboration
with Sojournquilts.
50% of the proceeds will go to Rape Response Services
This original work is 11" W x 14"L. This painting is unframed.
Interdisciplinary watercolor techniques combined with
glued pieces of mulberry paper create a feeling of peace.
8. My task is done
Watercolor $500.00
9. Autumn Landscape Project Collaborative Piece
Mixed Media NFS
This after school activity was meant to provide an opportunity for youth to unwind at the end of the week and learn how to express themselves through art. Collectively they created landscapes depicting country scenes inspired by Grandma Moses. This project was under the guidance of artist Kathy Dobash, proprietor of Beauty Flower Poem. Ms. Dobash used a large autumn landscape painting that she and her octogenarian mother, Marie Dobash, created to teach the participants art criticism and motivate them to create their own works of art. The featured artistic styles were American Folk Art and Abstract Expressionism. Information about Grandma Moses, who became famous for her paintings when she was in her 80's, was covered. This program was made possible by the support of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts through its regional arts funding partnership, Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA). State government funding comes through an annual appropriation by Pennsylvania's General Assembly and from the National endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. In this region The Scranton Area Foundation administers PPA.
beautyflowerpoem's photo from 10/23/07beautyflowerpoem's photo from 11/24/07
10. Section of First Night, First Light Community Mural Project
Mixed Media/Collage NFS
This piece was assembled by Kathy Dobash after facilitating workshops for the community of Hazleton, PA as part of the First Night, First Light Community Mural Project in collaboration with First Night Hazleton, 2007
Times Leader - the Guide Get up close to the commonwealth Category: Art and Photography Get up close to the commonwealth Feel free to browse the exhibits at the State Museum of Pennsylvania MARY THERESE BIEBEL A massive statue of William Penn holds a place of honor in the lobby. S. JOHN WILKIN photos/The TIMES LEADER Mama bear and two cubs are confronting a porcupine in one of the many wildlife dioramas at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, and – oh no! ouch! – one of the cubs must have gotten too close. His nose is full of quills. But for human visitors, there's almost no such thing as getting too close -- to the science or the art in this hands-on haven of Harrisburg. "This is the real thing," museum director John C. Leighow said, taking hold of a mastodon thigh bone and rocking it slightly back and forth. "It's petrified. It's rock. Nothing's going to happen to it." The State Museum of Pennsylvania annually attracts some 150,000 visitors who get a heady dose of the commonwealth's history. Just try to miss the 16-by-32-foot oil painting of the Battle of Gettysburg, or the Conestoga wagon, or the stagecoach. There's plenty of geology, too, what with the calcite from Chester County, quartz from Delaware County and fossils from Pittston and Wilkes-Barre. This season, Luzerne County has another notable contribution among the exhibits. A section of mural submitted by Hazleton artist Kathy Dobash was selected for "Art of the State: Pennsylvania," and will be on display through Sept. 9. The 40th annual juried show received 1,728 entries from 646 artists, and only 140 had their work chosen. "I was so pleased when I heard," said Dobash, an art teacher who firmly believes that "art is everywhere and art is for everyone. Everyone has that ability, and each individual has their own style. "It's just a matter of bringing out that confidence." In a spirit of sharing, Dobash compiled her mural, titled "First Night, First Light, Violet Light," from the artwork of more than 100 area residents. Some were children from the YMCA; some were retirees. "Did you see that dancer, in the section at the museum?" she asked. "That ballerina was originally drawn by an 84-year-old woman at the senior center. She sketched it, and I enhanced it. "Everybody worked on separate pieces, and they understood I would pull it all together. I told them I would unify it." Look closely at the mural and you'll find snowmen, trees and the enhanced dancer posing against a background of rosy violet hues. "I think it's got a lot of motion and it's lyrical," senior curator N. Lee Stevens said. "It just makes me feel good. "So often art intimidates people, and it shouldn't," Stevens said. "This has something everyone could relate to."
beautyflowerpoem's photo from 2/8/08
Commemorative Relief Sculptures:
An ongoing series of work
inspired by
the recent ceiling restoration
where the artist's studio is located.
Commemorative Relief Sculptures are exhibited by Kathy Dobash, artist and owner of Beauty Flower Poem. These relief sculptures feature floral motifs fragments from the restoration of the historic Markle Building ceiling restoration in Hazleton, PA
11. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 1
Donated Art for Autism/Siobhans Dream
Mixed Media $1200
30% of the sales price will be donated to
3 year old Artist with Autism, Siobhan Forester. Siobhan has been in many different newspapers for her work. She has recently had her art displayed in the Autism Project of Rhode Island's new Art Gallery. The profits from her sales will buy more painting supplies for her, as well as help with the costs of her treatment & recovery. Her mother,Julie Forrester also donates to several Autism-related charities. Julie wants to spread a more positive message that there is hope for Autism.

12. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 2
Mixed Media $1200
13. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 3
Mixed Media $1200
14. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 4
Benefits Artists For Autism
Mixed Media $1200
30% of sale price will be donated to ARTISTS FOR AUTISM
We believe that given appropriate opportunities, the gifts of individuals with autism can not only be recognized, but nurtured and developed. We collaborate with artists, film makers, musicians, photographers, actors, writers, and others in the arts to create these opportunities. Allowing creativity to be realized in concrete creative works and presenting these works to the public provides an outlet for individuals with autism's inhibited self-expression and a catalyst for bringing people in the community together in an inclusive manner.

Integrating creativity and the children's natural abilities with active participation in society is the mechanism that elevates children from merely existing to becoming inspiring and active members of society.

Children with autism learn best when the necessity is real and the results tangible. Individuals with autism not only have the capacity to "function" in society, but can also be leaders in society. We are inspired by artists such as Michelangelo, Yeats, and Valera who are said to be on the autism spectrum.
15. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 5
Mixed Media $1200
16. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 6
Mixed Media $1200
17. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 7
Mixed Media
The American Cancer Society in collaboration with Beauty Flower Poem offers the public to win an original sculpture relief created by artist Kathy Dobash. This work is special to the artist because it was created to honor a dear friend who is fighting the battle with breast cancer. Her name is Ranni, organizer of Artists For Autism: Ticket price $10.00 Art is valued at $1200.00
beautyflowerpoem's photo from 10/12/07
18. Commemorative Relief Sculpture 8
Mixed Media $1200
New Sculptures:
19. Ceremonial Gown
Mixed Media Sculpture NFS
beautyflowerpoem's photo from 12/20/07beautyflowerpoem's&13;&10; photo from 12/19/07
Is there a scar on her face?
No, It's just a beauty mark.
Why is there icky muck on her dress?
What story can you tell about it?
20. Woman Fleeing
Mixed Media Sculpture NFS
21. The One In Blue
Mixed Media Sculpture NFS
When the reception was over the
newly married couple went to the bride's home. It was a very long hot June day.
They still had plans to meet friends later. The string holding the pearls broke. "Well at least it did not happen on the dance floor",
she said.
The bride was very sad because she did not know how to tell her MOM. Her Mom was very concerned because of something the bridegroom's mother had stated. It made her father very ill during the reception before the last dance with his daughter.
She gathered the pearls. They were under furniture and scattered everywhere.
She placed them into a baby food glass jar.

This jar was in the home 25 years later. The necklace was never repaired.

Now the pearls are worn by The One In Blue. Not worn as a necklace but as a decorative free flowing line in a gown of paper, plaster, wire and ribbon.
22. Arms Thrown Up To The Sky
Mixed Media Sculpture $6500
23. Self-Portrait

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