Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 WCA Moore awardee!!!

And the winner is..........................(drum-roll please).......

Wednesday, April 23rd, Michelle Wilson and Marie Elcin attended the 2008 Senior awards ceremony at Moore College of Art and Design. Giving an award like this is one of the best things we do as a chapter, as we are truly supporting women in the arts. The award is $100 and a one-year membership to the Caucus-- allowing a young woman artist to enter the "real world" with a little money and an instant network of supportive women behind her.
On Tuesday the 22nd, Alison Nastasi and Marie perused the galleries at Moore in search of an artist whose work showed ambition, personal vision, and a hint of great things to come. Jen Halden-Abberton is a Fine Arts major (2D) whose work involves painting and drawing, layering images on mylar and acetate. Her imagery at first appears abstract and gestural, but then one finds structure inspired by urban architecture. In contrast, her postcard shows a drawing of figures of both genders in a tug-of-war over another figure. The combination reveals an interest in the intersection of the urban environment and humanity that will hopefully provide Jen with ample inspiration for future work.

Jen plans to remain in the Philadelphia area after graduation, and it is our great hope that she will become involved with our chapter.
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