Friday, April 11, 2008

Curator Dr. Deb Miller responds to "The F Word Revisited" review

I was going to post this in the comments section of the original post, but Dr. Miller took the time to respond, and I thought she deserved to have her response more visible. Let's hear it for dialogue on women in the arts!

The title of the show is "The 'F' Word Revisited: Female/Feminine/Feminist." The implication was that more than 40 years after the Women's Movement began, women should have all options open to them, they don't have to be any one of the above, they can be any or all. There was never any intention for this show to be political or purely feminist; it was designed to be autobiographical, to present viewers with the influences and motivations of these women artists and to show the variety in women's art (i.e., it's not all pink, and it's not all angry). The artist's and curator's statements clearly are important, as they explain the concepts that some viewers and critics might have missed. The variety, in my eye and mind, creates a visually exciting and intellectually stimulating show; I always try to steer away from repetitiveness and boredom in my curating, and prefer to offer different interpretations of a theme by different artists, all of whom have had individual experiences and none of whom think alike. To me, that's an important statement about women in general: we're not all stereotypes.
Dr. Debra Miller, Curator
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