Friday, April 18, 2008

PhiladelphiaArt.Vox.Com Covers Our Meeting

Journalists from this blog ( attended our last meeting. This is what they thought:

"Olivia and Austin covered the Women’s Caucus of Art Philadelphia Chapter's meeting the other day, and this is how it went!

The Philadelphia Women’s Caucus of Art is a very prestigious group of women artists who live, work and teach in and around the surrounding Philadelphia area. The Caucus was founded in 1972 and has over thirty chapters nationwide. These women are well known for their hard work in maintaining a positive and equal view of women in the
arts; whether it is fine art, media concentration, sculptor or any field, these women strive for the equal expression of creativity and culture.
Knowing this, I was a little nervous before going to sit in on one of their monthly meetings at Moore College of Art and Design. Walking down the Parkway with my good buddy Austin (who came with me to record some footage of the meeting),I wasn’t sure what to anticipate. A formal, business like meeting? A room full of stereotypical art teachers? When I walked into the faculty lounge of MCAD, my nerves were settled; two women were already there, chitchatting about their day. One of the women was Bonnie Macallister, Co-President, and the other lovely women was Alison Nastasia, a member whose field of work is sculptor, among others. They greeted us with smiles as Austin and I introduced ourselves and asked us to take a seat at the table in the small faculty room located in a room next to the student cafeteria of Moore. We were a little early, so we took a seat in the back of the room and talked with the two women until a few more members strolled in around 6:30.
The meeting officially started with only about ten members present. First, they went around the table introducing themselves and stated the field of art they work in. There was even a new member present; a sweet woman who seemed eager to join in on her first meeting (as was I!). Bonnie, and another woman who is Co-President along with her, Marie Elcin, opened with discussing a past art show that the members contributed to. They all went on to discuss art shows that members are participating in locally, Rubia, which is an organization that supports Afghan women artists and makes their art readily available for sale, and the annual award that they give a Moore student on basis of their academic and artistic achievements (which also includes a free year membership to the Caucus!). The women continued to discuss upcoming art showings and benefits they were holding. Austin videotaped some great footage of the women during their meeting, while I took some notes and intently listened.
Bonnie and Marie officially closed the meeting around 7:45, and invited us to come back anytime. All ten women were very pleasant and friendly, and it was wonderful being in the presence of so many talented members of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Women’s Caucus of Art.
The Women’s Caucus of Art meets every second Wednesday of the month, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the faculty
lounge of Moore College of Art and Design.

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Article by Olivia
Accompanied by Austin"
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