Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Member News: Virginia Maksymowicz


Virginia Maksymowicz:
Structure and Metaphor
May 9 - June 22

Using the ideas of canephorae and caryatids, historical figures and
architectural elements in the form of women, Maksymowicz addresses
the significance and power of women as structural support for
society. Maksymowicz sees this form as a metaphor for the role of
women as the pillars of civilization, stating, “My current interest
in the female body lies in exploring metaphors for the foundational
but often unrecognized role of women in supporting social structures.
These include the architectural forms of canephorae and caryatids,
columns and capitals, and their mythological underpinnings through
Demeter, Persephone, and the bread of life.” All of the imagery in
the exhibition is based on research Maksymowicz conducted while she
was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome in the fall of
2006. The drawings and photographs she created were inspired by a
wide range of architectural and sculptural sources, including
Hadrian’s Villa caryatids, works in various museums and churches,
Baroque buildings, and the contemporary architecture of restaurants
and other commercial establishments. Utilizing drawings and casts of
architectural elements and of bread, the artist creates an
environment at the DCCA that speaks to the history of art, visual
culture, and public and private gender roles.

Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat: 10 - 5
Wed & Sun: 12 - 5
(closed Mondays)


Artists Reception: June 6, 5-8 pm
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