Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Art in City Hall

ATTENTION ARTISTS: Art In City Hall is looking for environmentally conscious artwork for its next exhibition, The Green Exhibit. Due Sept. 12.


Exhibition Dates: October 13—January 23, 2009
2nd and 4th Floor, NE corner

Reception Date: Thurs., October 23rd, 5-7pm (TENTATIVE)

Submissions must be received by
September 12, 2008

Art In City Hall issues a call to Philadelphia area artists for the fall exhibition in the historic public corridors of City Hall.

Curator: Art In City Hall Exhibitions Committee.

Theme: Artists are invited to submit artwork for "The Green Exhibit," an exhibition based on the environment. Artists are encouraged to explore issues related to the environment, including energy conservation, global warming, recycling, etc. and/or use materials that reflect notions of "Green," such as found objects and recycled/bio-degradable materials.

Open to all artists in all media. Artwork must comply with the dimensions of the display cases, which are 84" H x 94" W x 24"D.
Rules for Entry

  1. Deadline for submission: Received by Friday, Sept 12, 2008. You can submit up to four images in the form of digitals, slides or reproductions from originals. No entry fee.
  2. Digitals are our first preference. Please submit jpegs for PC on a CD, and not Mac based files. Each image should be no larger than 1MB.
  3. Slides must be clearly labeled with the artist's name, title, date, medium, size and arrow to indicate the top of the image, and numbered 1 through 4 to correspond to the entry form. No glass mounts. Slides which are not submitted in this format will be returned.
  4. Reproductions must be labeled with same information as slides above, on the back.
  5. Return the completed entry form with your submission of digitals, slides or reproductions. Include a resume and a S.A.S.E if you wish to have your work returned to you. Accepted artists will be asked to submit an artist's statement (in digital format if available via email).

Eligibility & Selection of Artists

Open to emerging and professional artists living or working in the Philadelphia area, including graduate students. Artists will be selected by an independent panel of arts professionals.

Selection and Installation of Exhibition

Accepted artists will be notified by phone or email no later than two weeks before opening. Due to the volume of participants, if you are not notified two weeks before the show, your work was then not accepted. You can call to verify submission status. All work must be ready for installation (i.e., hooks, wires, etc). Artists are responsible for assisting with installation of works which require special attention or extensive demands of time. The city and/or curators reserve the right to change the content of the exhibition, including the removal of artwork.

Delivery and Return of Work

The time of delivery and installation of artwork will be arranged with each participating artist after notification of acceptance.

Sale of Work

Art may be for sale, Art in City Hall does not take commission. Sales are between artists and interested party.


Artwork will be insured once installed in the display cases in City Hall.

(See attached file: GREEN CALL.pdf)
Tu Huynh, Art In City Hall Program
City of Philadelphia, Department of Public Property
701, City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 215-686-9912
Fax: 215-686-4520
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