Monday, August 04, 2008

From Kathy Dobash: National Board Meeting Notes

A few comments about the road trip to Washington, DC:

My co-pilot for the trip was Marie Elcin. She posted some important notes from the board meeting in Washington DC! She did have me driving in circles around Washington - That is just a little joke between us now.

She was better than a computerized navigation device. A great companion to have on a long road trip! Marie tolerated my little stop in Maryland to admire a large yellow field of sunflowers.

Please note the important new direction for the WCA Women's Caucus for ART:

The current membership would like to reflect our desire to be positive agents for social change in our communities. This is very important work. The most effective art is for positive social awareness of our day to day problems. This is my opinion.

I hope to add my contribution as an artist to bring about this change. I hope we attract artists in the future to shift to a global
perspective: To think locally and act globally.

The collaboration between the WCA Philadelphia Chapter and Rubia shows strength. This example can be a role model for future endeavors.
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