Thursday, September 25, 2008

Opportunity: Call for Artists MOCA DC

Art & Social Issues – October 2008 Exhibit

MOCADC Gallery is now accepting submissions for the October exhibit, so get whatever you have ready for this socially challenging exhibit. The issues can be anything you're particularly concerned with - poverty, homelessness, the working poor, lack of adequate medical coverage, outrageous conduct of elected officials, whatever. I'm sure there's something in your background that can be expressed through your art, so get ready for it - October is coming around faster than you think. You can download the entry form at See detailed description below.

Art & Social Issues

October 3 to October 25. 2008

Accepting submissions for our October Show

MOCA DC is pleased to participate in BrushFire DC: a Landmark Public Arts Project. Sponsored by Provisions (, this project coincides with BrushFire, "a national series of public art projects in the run-up to the Fall '08 elections that use the arts to heighten public engagement with key social issues. . . . economy, health care, immigration, the war in Iraq, food, housing, and the environment . ." The project will be anchored by a September '08 exhibition at the American University Museum at the Katzen Center . . ."

Our participation will include two exhibits at MOCA DC - The Homeless Arts Project in September and Art & Politics in October. The first deals with the problems of homelessness while the latter is open to any social issue an artist may care to tackle. The exhibits will be open to all types of art - paintings, drawings, sketches, sculpture as well as photography, written works, performance art and video presentations.

These projects may receive considerable attention, given that they will be promoted along with other participating galleries and arts organizations.

So far, and in addition to the exhibit at the Katzen Center, these include

Connor Contemporary, Corcoran, Martin Irvine Gallery, Plan B Gallery

and Transformer. Each have chosen specific topics made more relevant

by the elections in November.

I would like to make these serve as exemplary exhibits that demonstrate

our collective ability to produce works that both highlight critical social

issues and shock the viewing audience to become proactive agents of


Marilyn J. Hayes
National President, The Women's Caucus for Art


The Women's Caucus for Art of Greater Washington DC
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