Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opportunity: Sent by Michigan Chapter

Dear Artists,

Gifts of Art is currently accepting proposals for our September 2009 through August 2010 exhibit year. One of the first and most comprehensive arts-in-healthcare programs nationwide, Gifts of Art brings the world of art & music to the University of Michigan Health System.

Our nine galleries display 50 exhibits a year. They include 2-D and 3-D spaces that are viewed by approximately 10,000 people a day, or about 3.4 million people a year. This makes our galleries some of the most widely visited indoor, non-museum exhibit spaces in the state.

Entry Requirements
Selections will be made from either slides or digital images on CDs. Emailed JPEG images or in person submissions will not be considered. For both slide and digital submissions, artists must provide a minimum of 12 professional quality images. Group shows should provide a minimum of 24 images. Submitted images must reflect the proposed exhibit. Digital submission guidelines are available on the Gifts of Art website. All submissions must include a completed Exhibit Proposal Form, a numbered reference sheet and a resume and/or biography.

Submissions must be received by May 15, 2009.
All forms are available on the web at:

Selection Criteria
In selecting artwork, Gifts of Art's primary mission is to create a more comfortable and calming atmosphere within the often stressful environment of a hospital and to provide a positive distraction for our patients, visitors and staff. We take into consideration the medical and emotional sensitivities of our viewers. Overt sexual content, violence and nudity will not be considered. We will also avoid pieces that are confrontational, obviously depressing or contain negative medical connotations.

Submissions must be received by May 15, 2009.
Final notifications will be mailed by July 31, 2009.

To receive forms in hard copy, please contact Gifts of Art
or download and print them from our website. A pdf document of the CFE Proposal Form is attached to this email.

Call Gifts of Art at 734-936-8829, 734-936-ARTS (2787)
or email GOA @

Thank you,

Kathi Talley
Visual Arts Coordinator, Gifts of Art
University of Michigan Health System

Bringing the world of art & music to
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