Saturday, March 21, 2009

Exhibition Opportunities!!!!!!

  • Forwarded from Member Carol Taylor-Kearney: It is a residency opportunity in Maine and private consultation with Brenda taylor of Brenda Taylor gallery in Chelsea. the entry fee is high--$125, but you are taking a chance to receive a free residency, participation in an exhibition in New York, and a consultation of your portfolio with a gallery owner. if interested, check out the web site at Brenda is very friendly and helpful. Feel free to contact her with any questions.--Carol Taylor-Kearney

  • Gallery Wall Space at the PSALM
    The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature & Music (PSALM) is a volunteer based, secular, open membership, non-profit arts and culture organization established on the principle that beauty is the language of the heart. PSALM supports uniquely luminous creative endeavors whose beauty awakens hearts and inspires human unity within world diversity. Psalm operates a small venue for arts performances at 5841 Overbrook Ave., Philadelphia and is looking for fine artists or photographers to show and sell their work at the venue. Artists will be chosen for 2-week exhibitions during PSALM's Spring and Fall Performance Series.If you are interested, send an e-mail or portfolio with several images of your work along with an artists statement to Jamey at You may display up to 18 images, no larger than 28"x34". For more information, please call 215-477-7578. The Psalm

  • Phoenix Gallery, NY, Fellowship Program 2009. Deadline, June 1 2009. The Phoenix Gallery, celebrating its 51st year, will sponsor a 2009-10 Fellowship Program. The Fellowship Benefits: Sponsored membership in Phoenix Gallery in 2009-10 for 18 months, a solo exhibition in the gallery, Participation in member group shows, Access to the gallery space and resources during membership. Please go to and see “Fellowship Prospectus” for further information. Phoenix Gallery, 210 eleventh Ave. @25th St., 902, New York, NY 10001. 212-226-8711
  • Opportunity from Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts: Please visit for prospectus and information.
    We look forward to viewing your work.
    The Exhibition Committee

    LEAVES OF GRASS................Deadline April 6, 2009
    EXHIBITIONISTS......................Deadline April 6, 2009
    BEACH PARTY.......................Deadline July 10, 2009
    BLOCK PARTY........................Deadline July 10,2009
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