Saturday, June 13, 2009

Award Presentation photos

This morning, Virginia Maksymowicz and I were at the Philadelphia School District building for the award presentation to Linda Mak, a Junior from Central High. The photos below show Linda with her mother, and then with her art teacher, Ms Debra Cooperstein. A recurring theme throughout the awards was how important parents are in the success of their children as well as the teachers. It may seem an obvious thing, but it's not. Barely half the awardees were present, which means parents were either unable or unwilling to bring their children for this event.
Ms Cooperstein is entering retirement nex t year, apparently. We honor her work as an art educator in the Philadelphia School District. We kept hearing "Central High" students being called up for awards- which is a testament to her success as a teacher. Best wishes to both Linda Mak and Ms Debra Cooperstein in their future endeavors!

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