Friday, July 31, 2009

Supplies for sale from Timothea Canny

Hey there,
I am currently trying to clean out my supplies at the moment and I have some specialty things that are in perfect condition that I have no use for anymore.
  • I have 11 yards of Devore Satin from Dharma Trading. It is part silk and part rayon, and is the kind used to do burnout techniques. More info here:
  • To go with it I have a 32oz jug of fiber etch. Also bought from Dharma trading. More info here: Both are still in the plastic packaging and box they were shipped in complete with directions and everything. I bought them to use for a project but ended up switching directions with it. I no longer have access to a screen printing table and don't really have a use for them in general. I would prefer to sell them together for $100.
  • I also have an unused Lilypad Arduino and other various complementary parts up for sale. All are still in the packaging they came shipped in. I ordered them for a project and then never ended up needing them. All parts can be seen here: For more info on what the Lilypad Arduino is and what it can do please go here: Included in the lot is : 1 USB MiniM Cable - 6 foot, 1 Lilypad Accelerometer, 1 Lilypad Buzzer, 1 Lilypad Light Sensor, 1 Lilypad Arduino Main Board, 1 Lilypad Power Supply, 1 Lilypad Tri-Colour LED, 1 Lilypad Vibe Board ,1 Conductive Thread - 234/34 4ply, 3 Lilypad Bright White LED, 1 FTDI Basic Breakout, 1 Lilypad Button Board, 1 Lilypad Temperature Sensor. I paid over $160 for these things including shipping. I am trying to sell them for around $140.

Please email for enquiries

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