Saturday, January 09, 2010

Opportunity: Michigan Chapter of WCA

For the original calls:

Womenʼs Caucus for Art
! ! Balance: An Artists’ Collaborative Game
Entry Form & Information
Balance(n)1. having two scales. a beam or lever supported exactly in the middle 2. the emblem of Justice or Fortune making decisions;
hence, any means of determining human values; as to be weighed in the balance etc. 3. a counterbalancing weight, force, influence 4. state
of equipoise, as between weights, different elements or opposing forces 5. equilibrium, steadiness; as to disturb one’s emotional balance
6. an equality between the two sides of an account 7. act of balancing 8. Colloq: the remainder, the rest
(v)1. to weigh by comparing 2. to weigh in the balance 3. to create balance, to offset 4. to bring to equipoise or state of equilibrium, to
stabilize 5. to equate in number, to proportion properly 6. to compute the difference 7. to settle
8. to move forward or back from 9. to fluctuate, to waver, to compensate

Women’ Work 2010 CALL FOR ART!!

Women’s Works™ is a juried fine art exhibit, celebrating women artists and is presented annually by the Northwest Area Arts Council (naac). It is our goal, with this show, to focus on women artists of North America. Women’s Works™ provides an opportunity to showcase the creative efforts of women artists.This, the 23rd Anniversary Exhibit of Fine Art by Women – takes place at the Old Court House Arts Center on the Historic Town Square in Woodstock, Illinois. The strength of the show is in you and your participation. We encourage you to submit your work for consideration. Women’s Works has become a much anticipated area event, and the Gala Night Opening Reception sees an excess of 500 people filling the galleries. The show enjoys excellent media coverage and exposure. Along with the Opening Reception, other events are held at The Old Court House Arts Center during the exhibition. As always, running concurrently with this show is the Thirteenth Annual Little Women’s Works featuring (and nurturing) the artistic achievements of young women. Information on that event is available separately. Please visit the naac web site at: http://www.naac4art .org.

Event Dates: 3/4/10 – 4/24/10
Entry Deadline: January 19, 2010
Eligibility: Women artists 18 or older

REQUIREMENTS: Images – Minimum: 1 , Maximum: 3
Entry Fee (Northwest Area Arts Council: Women’s Work 2010 23rd Annual Fine Arts Show ): $30.00
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