Friday, February 19, 2010

New Collaborative Opportunity for WCA members!!!

A message from Exhibitions coordinator Ellie Brown:

Hello members,
I am putting together a collaborative show between WCA members and under-served girls. The show will involve sort of "call and response" accordion books made between a member and a participating girl. The theme is "What They Taught Us", meaning the girls would have as much to teach us as we have to teach them.
I want to arrange a one day book making workshop where we pair members with the girls at the YMCA (1400 N. Broad St. 19121). There may be opportunity for continuation, but that is unclear to me at this point.At this moment I need to establish two crucial pieces of information so that we can put up a flier there by next Sunday.

1. Who wants to participate? Book making experience is not required, but appreciated.
2. WHEN???? Wednesdays and Sundays are not possible. Would after school, evening or a Saturday work best for members? I am going to suggest either something like a Tuesday evening, Thursday afterschool or Saturday afternoon.
This would probably be a three-four hour block. We should look at a solid date at the end of March or in April. Please let me know at ellie@elliebrown asap if you want to participate.

Did I mention this work will be exhibited at the main Public Library in the print department in September?Yes, it's great.

Ok members, if you are interested please contact and cc: to help us keep track of participants. Tell her when you would be most available to participate!
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