Monday, February 15, 2010

Opportunity: Allen's Lane Art Center Fundraiser (Deadline 2/19)

Artists from throughout the region are invited to donate a single work of art (unframed) on a standard letter sized piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11") to Allens Lane Art Center to be in this exhibition. All works sold will go to directly benefit the programs and events at Allens Lane Art Center.

All donated works will be exhibited in the gallery and will be for sale for just $50 each. Artworks can be any medium and content. The catch is that we ask that all artists sign their work on the back so that during the exhibition, nobody will know who's work they are purchasing until after the sale. All artists are encouraged to attend the opening night reception on March 5th.

To donate your artwork, please either mail your work (large envelope with a cardboard insert to protect it is advised) to:

Allens Lane Art Center
ATTN: Letters Fundraiser
601 West Allens Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Or you can drop off the work at our offices (M - F) from 10am - 5pm. You can also drop the work off through our front-door mail slot during after hours.
Work must be received no later than February 19, 2010 in order to participate in the show.

Please include with your artwork the following information:

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone number (if available)
Your Email Address (if available)
*Allens Lane Art Center reserves the right not to display any work deemed offensive or dangerous to our gallery patrons.

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