Saturday, February 06, 2010

Women and Water Rights, Rivers of Regeneration Exhibition Project

*Open to other WCA Chapters and The Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom branches joining the Travel Exhibition.
Women and Water Rights, Rivers of Regeneration Exhibition Project will explore a local and global water related issues problem through art exhibitions and related programs beginning at the University of Minnesota Nash Gallery from February 23 to March 25, 2010. We now are approaching the deadline for the grant. Need to confirm who will take part in this travel exhibition to keep the message and momentum moving for the next. three years!

• The main sponsors are
The University of Minnesota, Department of Art,,
Women’s Caucus of Art, WCA, nationalwca.org,
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, WILPF,

Here is a very tentative schedule: Check our website at for updates.
Two months time slots to receive, exhibit, repack and send on.• ALL TENTATIVE DATES * Some dates have changed from previous schedules, please see if these changes will work for you.
1) Missoula, Montana May/June 2010
2) Open …..July/ August, 2010
3) Open …… September, October, 2010
4) LA November, December 2010
5) NYC(would like to secure the United Nations as venue if possible)……..Jan. / Feb. 2011
6) Open……March, 2011
6) Chicago April/ May 2011
7) Boston …..June/ July 2011
8) Open ……August / September 2011
9) MI …….October/ 2011
10) Portland,OR …….November 2011
11) Dayton, Ohio …..December 2011 /Jan. 2012
12) Open …….Feb./March 2012
13) Dubai ……..April/May 2012
14) India ……..June/July 2012
15) Japan August/September/October/2012
16) Mexico City ……..Nov./Dec. 2012
17) MN ……. Return

Contact Liz Dodson, or 612 333 8150
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