Sunday, March 07, 2010

Opportunities: Join the Conversation Young Women's Caucus

The Young Women's Caucus has a message for us about the new Discussion Boards and the campaign, WHAT WOMEN WANT:

1) To really kick off our chat on our discussion board and to raise awareness of our voices as women artists, the Young Women's Caucus is promoting a status change! We are asking you to tell us what you want by proclaiming it on your Facebook status!

Just type:
"What Women Want: ..(What you want as a female artist)..- Young Women's Caucus"

Here's a basic example:
What Women Want: I want to be a successful female artist!-Young Women's Caucus

We hope to get all sorts of different women to participate, so pass it around and share it with your friends.

2) Put in your two cents on our discussion board here at our DISCUSSION BOARDS

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