Thursday, August 12, 2010

Featured Member Artist: Rachel Udell

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art proudly announces that Rachel Udell is the featured member artist through the month of September 2010. Please visit the links to her work on our toolbar.

Her official website is found here.

Rachel Udell at Rocket Cat Cafe Solo Show

Rachel's Artist Statement:
I am drawn to using soft, comforting, highly textured materials because of their capacity for suggesting forms that feel alive; I think of them as plant-like forms and spirit beings that secretly “know” what I can’t, though they’ve come from inside of me. The resulting organ-like structures are metaphors for a connectedness specifically related to how human beings exist in the world: that a human being is not a self-contained biological organism, but part of an interacting, breathing membrane, transmitting and receiving the stuff of life between social and psychological systems, ecosystems, solar and cosmic systems, etc. We are all made of the same stuff: we are distinct entities and yet we flow, physically and emotionally into our surroundings. My sculptures are sentient extensions of myself, a delicate attempt to extinguish the unnaturalness of human isolation. In the face of unspeakable horrors and miraculous wonders, my art is both an attempt to create a channel through which I am able to come to terms with the often polarizing experience of existence, and the plane upon which I attempt to strike a balance between extremes.

Rachel Udell

Rachel Udell The Shapes of My Dreams and of My Nightmares

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