Sunday, December 19, 2010

Member News: Megan Kelly and Bonnie MacAllister featured at National Conference Live Spaces Young Women's Caucus Event


Raandesk Gallery, NY as part of National WCA Conference Live Spaces

February 10, 2011

7-9 p.m.

Live Performances and Films by the Young Women's Caucus Members

hosted by Bonnie MacAllister

1) "on our own volition" featuring:

Artists: Amanda Moyer, J.R. DeMers, Susie Danielson, Stephanie Trevino, Amanda Mears, Dawn Hiltz

Description: Women have traditionally gathered to discuss their desires, their passions, changes they want in the world, and their lives. Women have congregated around watering holes, in kitchens, in bathrooms, over quilts, and at tea tables, just to name a few. Six ladies from Finlandia University will be gathering together in the Raandesk Gallery to discuss their wants and desires for their lives and the world through narrative movement and sound.

2)."Spoken For"

Artists: Marina Kelly, Megan Katz

Description: Marina Kelly and Megan Katz will work with two male performers from The NY-based Notion Collective to create a live performance. Kelly and Katz will collect video interviews of a variety of women talking about what they want. The male performers will memorize the women's words and perform them in the gallery space, live and in synch with a silent video projection of the women speaking.

3). "Requesting Access"

Description: Requesting Access is collaborative photo shoot performance by Chanel Matsunami Govreau (played by Asian Barbie), photographer Martin Solheim and makeup/hair artist Tamara Qabazard. This performance layers the exaggeration of cultural costuming over questionably (un)real storytelling. This is combined with the friction and vanity of flash photography to explore multiracial identity and gender in interracial relationships as it combines with expectations of sexuality and its possible profit.

4) Title: 45th Presidency by Alex Dilks Pandola and Green Light Arts (Philadelphia)

Description: It's January 20th, 2013 and you're invited to the inauguration of the 45th President of The United States of American, America's first woman President, Sarah Louise Palin. If you don't think it can happen, please see the 44th President. Is this the last thing women want? What women? Join Green Light Arts as we listen to President Palin's Inaugural Speech and see how she intends to turn the Mama Grizzlies loose on Washington. Keep your car doors locked!

And in the film room:

"I am the doubter and the doubt"

Artists: Megan Kelley and Suguna Sridhar


Title: “Deconstructed Breath Verse”

Artist: Bonnie MacAllister


for all press or inquiries, please contact and visit the Young Women's Caucus site.
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