Monday, January 31, 2011

Member News: Molly Crowley, Contemporary Art of Afghanistan

Opening Reception February 4, 6:30-9pm

Twelve Gates Art Gallery
305 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Doors open at 6pm.

Twelve Gates Gallery presents Contemporary and Modern Afghan artists in collaboration with 'Chelcherogh Art Organization' and 'Afghan Education for a Better Tomorrow'. Works include contemporary calligraphy of Dari Persian verse by master calligrapher Abdul Hakim Karimzada, intricate Arabesque patterns done in watercolor and pastels by Khoshbakht Herawi. Also included are watercolors of Afghan cityscapes by Rashed Rahmani and Persian miniatures by Nasser Sawabi and Younis among other artists.

This exhibition coincides with "Popular Culture and Alternative Histories: Voices from Beyond the Security State in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia" Conference held at University of Pennsylvania on February 18 and 19, co-sponsored by Twelve Gates Art Gallery.

From Molly:

Friday February 4th at the 12 Gates Gallery, Philadelphia's premier gallery for South East Asian art, will be hosting a show featuring modern paintings, calligraphy and embroidery from Afghan artists who have never shown in the United States before!

This show has taken months of coordination between 12 Gates Gallery, Rameen Javid and Chelcherogh Arts in Afghanistan, Maryam Ufyani, Justin Agnew and myself. Most of the art will be for sale. The majority of the artists have trained at Herat University's Fine Arts department. The work includes, calligraphy (in Pashto), watercolors, miniatures, painting and will be the first showing of the Sanja Amaj Tapestry, created through Rubia's programs in Kabul.

I had only seen photos of the works up until today when Justin and I met with Aisha at the Gallery yesterday, to work out the hanging details and dates. The pieces are amazing, beautiful, and it will be entirely worth it for you to stop by and at least take a look.

So please come out and see some amazing work from artists who normally would not have the opportunity to show in the US. It could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The proceeds from any art purchased go to the artist and all transactions will go through the Afghan Embassy and Rameen Javid

Check out 12 Gates Gallery at and their Facebook page

Also check out Rameen Javid’s “Afghan Communicator” photo gallery for past exhibitions, gallery shows, and other events.

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