Monday, January 31, 2011

Opportunity: Mentor Program in Wilmington, DE

Call for participation:

In keeping with our mission of community outreach and education, our chapter has an opportunity to work on a collaborative book project with second- though seventh-grade students in the Ujima afterschool program in Wilmington Delaware.

Workshops for writing and art demonstrations will take place on Fridays from 4-5 pm. (Dates to be determined, but likely starting mid-late Feb.)This project will run for six weeks, with writing activities and art activities on alternating weeks. Each student will create a book, and paired with a chapter member, explore their identity through words and imagery. Chapter members can contribute by becoming an "art-pal"(as opposed to penpal), either in person at the Friday workshops or via trading of books - drop-offs and pick-ups will be arranged through Alison Altergott - or by conducting an art demonstration. Art techniques to be considered can include printmaking, collage, photography - any 2-d methods are welcome.

We anticipate as many as twenty students taking part in this project, so we hope every chapter member will consider being an art-pal, so all the children will have a partner. This is a great chance for us to share our involvement with art as adults - most often art is not taken seriously as a career, but children are great artists, and they should be able to see art as something they can keep in their grown-up lives.

Please respond as soon as possible if you can participate, and in what way you can contribute.

There may be exhibition opportunities for this project as well.
Alison Altergott
President, Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter

Contact with the subject line "UJIMA."
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