Friday, January 13, 2012

Minutes of January Meeting: Thank you to Permanent Wave Philly!

We invited Permanent Wave Philly who will be organizing a performance at Cha Cha'razzi on Friday, January 13 to benefit Girls Rock Philly.  We encourage our attendees to bring a books, cds, or records to donate to
the Girls Rock Philly library.  Some of our members are volunteering to staff the show, and we encourage everyone to attend.
Facebook invitation to the show:
Permanent Wave Philly presents SOUND WAVE #1 (our first show ever): a
benefit for Girls Rock Philly!

ALL AGES, $5-10, 7 PM

info about permanent wave here: and

if you want to become a part of permanent wave/have questions/etc.

info about girls rock philly here:

if you want to BRING DONATIONS for girls rock philly's rad new library
(books, zines, records, etc.), here's an idea of the kind of stuff
they're looking for:
(mainly music, feminism, & diy related...)

there will also be BAKED GOODS, permanent wave ZINES & BUTTONS, and
girls rock philly MERCH for sale! and probably some other COOL STUFF!

Permanent Wave Philadelphia is a branch of the original New York
City-based Permanent Wave. check them out here:

"We are a network and community of feminist artists and activists. We
seek to challenge gender inequality not only in all forms of the arts,
but also in politics, our personal lives, and anywhere else it seems
necessary. We believe that women should see each other as
collaborators and inspirations, not rivals. We want to disprove the
belief that “feminism is dead” and continue what was started
generations ago by creating a revolutionary arts movement and
community that's relevant to women, queer, and trans people. We want
you to join, collaborate, and inspire us.

so we're a pretty new group, but we're looking to do all sorts of
things in the future: concerts, benefits, art shows, film viewings,
panels, informal get-togethers... if you have an idea send it our way!

If you want to get involved or have any questions, ideas, etc.,

also let us know if you would like to be added to the permanent wave
listserv (google group). that is where a lot of announcements, shows,
interesting articles, and ideas are posted and discussed among all
branches of Permanent Wave!"


Girls Rock Philly (GRP) is Philadelphia's first & only female-first
empowerment organization through music -- our largest program is a
week-long summer day camp serving junior rockers ages 9-17.
Company Overview
Girls Rock Philly (GRP) is a music and mentoring organization for
girls and women in Philadelphia! We feature a girls-only, week-long
summer day camp serving junior rockers ages 9-17, as well as a Ladies
Rock Camp for women ages 18 and up, and several other year-round
programs. Led by a volunteering team of female instructors & band
coaches, girls and women in our programs learn how to play musical
instruments, write songs, make their own band merchandise, discover
other women in rock & finesse their on-stage jump kicks.
Girls Rock Philly is a music and mentoring 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization dedicated to empowering girls and women from the greater
Philadelphia region through music education and activities that foster
self-respect, leadership skills, creativity, self-expression, critical
thinking, and collaboration.
2010 Women's Way Powerful Voices Award
City Paper 2010 Big Vision Award
Rock n' roll! We also produce band merch, including a CD, from camper
bands, as well as GRP shirts & DVDs each year. You can buy CDs & DVDs

Ladies Rock Camp (LRC) is a weekend day camp in Philadelphia, PA that
provides an opportunity for ladies 19+ to let loose for a long weekend
and play rockin’ music together. You’ll start to learn and/or practice
your instrument of choice* on Friday evening, then keep receiving
instrument instruction all weekend.  Also, you’ll form a band and work
together to write an original song that you will play together on
stage on Sunday. The Ladies Rock Camp Showcase is an unbelievable
experience!  In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend a
variety of workshops with topics related to being a lady rocker. All
proceeds from Ladies Rock Camp go directly to Girls Rock Philly.

*Choice of instruments includes Bass, Drums, Guitar and Keys.

To those looking for shows, I am still booking the rock n roll women's
 music series Sugar Town in Philadelphia.  If you are a publicist or a

 band looking for press coverage, please keep in mind that I am no 
longer writing for the Philadelphia DailyNews, and just doing album 
reviews for the recently relaunched Magnet.
This means that I am no longer previewing or reviewing live music on a
regular basis. I do like to know when acts that interest me are coming
to town, but I cannot promise regular live music coverage right now.

Contact: Sara Sherr
Host of Sugar Town and other Tritone events
Karaoke Hostess

Our next WCA Philadelphia meeting is February 8 at 7 p.m. in Sarah
Peter Cafeteria of Moore College College of Art and Design, 19th St. &
Ben Franklin Parkway.

SELECT a national membership level (*Student/low income membership is
$25*) + local membership (PAP-$15)

***Open WCA call for performance***
We are currently seeking proposals for performances at the Sandy
Spring Museum for the joint WCA Philadelphia and WCA/DC exhibition
that opens on June 24. The theme is Re/Using Our Resources. Send an
inquiry to for details. Include genre:
music, dance, video, spoken, mixed-genre, workshop (contained).  One
does not need to be a current Philadelphia chapter member to perform
(though it is always encouraged.)  Please apply before January 30.

This is a joint show with the DC Chapter.  The jury results should be
available on January 23.  Best of luck to everyone who entered work!
The opening is June 24.  We will be arranging carpools.

Women's Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter
FB profile:
Fan page:
Ragdoll Project Human Trafficking Awareness Project group:
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