Thursday, May 31, 2012

Opportunity: *YeuxVeuxBelle Theatre Collective* 24-hour art making (June 17-18)

*Who:* *YeuxVeuxBelle Theatre Collective* presents its inaugural summer
Insomniart Festival!

*What:* A 24-hour art making event beginning Sunday, June 17th at 6pm and
running through Monday, June 18th at 6pm.

*Seeking:* Directors/Painters/Sculptors/Choreographers/Bands/Dancers

*When*: Monday, June 18th

*How*: As a participant of the event you will receive a prompt/challenge on
the evening of June 17th and will have 24 hours to complete it in a
creative, unique, adventurous, and ambitious way to be displayed or
performed the following evening at a formal gala for fellow artists of the
Philadelphia Community. You will work/perform along with eight to ten other
artists in fields such as; theatre, painting, music, found art, and
dance. Artists will be responsible for their own supplies, but
YeuxVeuxBelle Collective will provide all space and lighting for creation
and performance and any additional assistance you may need over the 24-hour

Please email cover letter/resume stating what you are interested in
submitting for.

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