Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monmouth County Members

Everyone wonders why did a Jersey girl join the PHILADELPHIA WCA? Bascially, because my family roots  and my alma mater, Moore College of Art & Design, are in Philly. But if you are Jersey girl like me and live in Monmouth County - and a few of our members do - check this opportunity out. The exhibit is called "Heads Up" and it  serves as a vehicle for the education and prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault through the visual arts. 180 is a private, non-profit charitable organization with more than 35 years experience providing model programs in the field of sexual assault and family violence. 180 is the only domestic violence agency in Monmouth County, NJ with 24 hour hot-line services. Our organization is dedicated to ending the cycle of domestic violence and sexual assault in our community. Please click on the link for more information. I thought it would be more important to share this information with our members because it serves the greater good of protecting women through the arts.
Laura Petrovich-Cheney
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