Saturday, September 29, 2012

TechKnowledge Panel Discussion

My professor, and now my colleguae, Virginia Maksymowicz encouraged me to join the WCA of Philadelphia while I was still at Moore College of Art & Design. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made. Since joining, I have made new friends with some of the most talented women in Philadelphia, have had the opportunity to exhibit my work and participate in a panel discussion. 
The panel discussion was TechKnowledge at Holy Family University on September 20 and it was part of the TechKnowledge Exhibit curated by Karen Love Cooler
Curator Karen Love Cooler and Co-President Bonnie MacAllister

I had arrived at Holy Family University a bit early. Pamela FlynnProfessor of Art, Fine Arts Coordinator,  and Art Gallery Coordinator at Holy Family University, warmly greeted me and made me extremely comfortable. She showed me where the presentation was going to be held and went back to teaching her enthusiastic students. One of the responsibilities of being a participant at a WCA Philly exhibit is to help assist with the reception foods and drinks. So I began to set up the soda and ice tea and then reviewed my notes. I tried to be calm as I looked at the room that soon would be filled with professors, students, friends, family and art lovers. 

Waiting for the attendees

First on the panel was Janice Showler, an English professor at the university, then me and Bonnie. 
Janice Showler

Laura Petrovich-Cheney
The presentations were well presented, articulate, and thought provoking. As I looked out of the sea of people, I saw students taking notes and taking all the information that the panel presented. The audience's questions made for an educational evening as we talked about instragram, analog photography, dark room procedures, photoshop - to name a few- and the big question of does an artist need to have a soul. After the panel discussion, there was time for refreshments and birthday cake. There we meet our newest member, Veronica Hicks We also had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Bonnie MacAllister's, co-president of WCA Philadelphia Chapter, mom!  I had the opportunity to thank my professor Scot KaylorChair, Fine Arts, Photography & Digital Arts, Textile Design at Moore College of Art and Design, for attending the reception. 
Bonnie and Mom
After everyone had an opportunity to meet each other and grab a bit to eat, it was time for the individual artist to present her work. 

Karen Love Cooler

Danielle Ferrell

Nicole Dul
Bonnie MacAllister
Elaine Erne

Bonnie talked about Elaine's work since she was unable to attend because she was teaching a class at Moore. 

The evening was amazing. The open and accepting atmosphere of the evening made for  exciting conversation. Many different ideas and view points were presented, shared and welcomed. 

I strongly recommend every woman artist in the Philadelphia area to consider joining the WCA Philadelphia Chapter. One will certainly meet new friends and discover new artistic opportunities. 

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