Monday, January 07, 2013

If You Haven't Renewed Your WCA Membership, Please Do!

Dear WCA Chapter Members:

It is the new year and it is time to renew your membership dues for 2013. 

If you haven't already done so, there are two easy ways to renew:

• on-line through the National WCA website <>

-- or

• directly through me as Philadelphia Chapter Treasurer (a PDF of the membership form is attached; please include it with your check and mail it to my address below)

Remember that if you want to be counted as part of the Philadelphia Chapter, you must pay the $15 chapter dues in addition to your national dues.


**** And don't forget to set up a basic artist account (free) on the Irving Sandler Artist File <>. 

Once you do, send me the link and I will post it on the WCA Philadelphia Chapter Blog. Our Chapter is in the midst of writing several proposals to university, nonprofit, and commercial galleries. To be included, you must have an active Irving Sandler file.

Happy New Year to all. I look forward to hearing from you (and perhaps seeing some of you next month at the National Conference in New York City)!

-- Virginia


Virginia Maksymowicz
Treasurer, WCA Philadelphia Chapter
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