Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Those WCA Members who have an account on the Irving Sandler file, should update it. Not sure if you have an Irving Sandler file – check on the right column. If your name is listed there, then you have an account.

New members (and old ones who never set up an account) should do so immediately and send Virginia the link.

This is from the website:

We’d like to update you with a change to our account policies. In April 2013, users that have not accessed their accounts for one year will be removed from the Artists File.

This policy will promote a livelier, more efficient exchange between Artists and Curators on the site, and encourage increased updates and content.
Starting April 17, users will be removed who have not accessed their accounts since April 17, 2012. If an account is deleted, one may always create a new account and add artwork to a portfolio.

We hope users will understand that these changes are positioned to foster a more dynamic, useful environment moving forward.

For questions or support please contact

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