Thursday, April 25, 2013

Philadelphia Chapter Presents Student Award

On Wednesday, April 24, the Philadelphia Chapter presented its annual award for excellence at the 2013 Senior Show at Moore College of Art & Design.

This year's winner is Kate Brazina, whose video installation, Life's a Drag, takes a look at gender roles, cross-dressing and performance. Through interviews with three professional drag queens, viewers can begin to get a sense of the personal motivations for engagement with the genre, as well as its historical context.

Chapter Treasurer, Virginia Maksymowicz, presented the award at the "VIP" ceremony preceding the opening reception. Once the public arrived, we were treated to an appearance by Kate's three collaborators: Icon Ebony Fierce, Porcelain and Ann Artist.

The exhibition, in the Galleries at Moore, will be on display until May 18.

Congratulations, Kate!

Kate Brazina

Icon, Porcelain and Ann

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