Monday, May 20, 2013


The WCA/Philadelphia Chapter is going into hiatus for the summer months, after which time we will decide if we can continue to function.

For our Chapter to continue we need an active elected board. There have been no volunteers to run for three open positions: two Co-presidents and Secretary. Virginia Maksymowicz is willing to continue as Treasurer. (See description of responsibilities below.)

There has been an open call for these positions since February. At our meeting on May 8, which had been advertised as being a critical one, attendance was abysmal.

There are no specific requirements to nominate yourself – just your passion for the Women’s Caucus of Art is enough. Concerned members who wish to run for one of these positions, should contact Virginia Maksymowicz (

Besides serving as an officer, members are also urged to consider one of volunteer positions that the Chapter has available. (See descriptions below.) There have been vacancies in these positions for the past two years. Without your time, talents and commitment — the WCA/Philadelphia Chapter cannot continue.

In the meantime, all of our Facebook, Twitter and blog pages will remain in place; however, there will not be any posts or updates during this hiatus.

You are still eligible to participate in national WCA exhibitions & events.


Elected Members of the WCA/PAP Chapter

The President coordinates the agenda for and presides over Chapter meetings, sees that resolutions of the Executive Board are carried out, and represents the Chapter to WCA National, the Chapter membership and to the community. Some computer skills would be beneficial.

The Secretary ensures that minutes of all meetings are recorded and filed. If there is no Membership Secretary, she maintains a list of current members, sends welcome letters and membership cards to new members, and sends out meeting announcements. Some computer skills would be beneficial.

The Treasurer handles all financial accounts of the Chapter, including prompt and accurate accounting of all income and disbursements, and the maintaining of records. Some computer skills would be beneficial.

Volunteer Members of the WCA/PAP Chapter

Membership Committee: recruits new members, maintains a list of current members, and sends welcome letters/membership cards to new members. Some computer skills would be beneficial.

Web Committee: maintains and regularly updates the Blog, the Facebook Page and sends out Twitter announcements. Works closely with Exhibitions and Publicity Committees. Computer skills necessary.

Publicity Committee: writes press releases, maintains a contact list, and promotes Chapter events. Works closely with Web and Exhibitions Committees.

Exhibitions Committee: identifies exhibition possibilities and coordinates shows. Works closely with Web, Publicity and Fundraising Committees.

Fundraising Committee: identifies and pursues sources of income to support specific activities. Works closely with Exhibitions Committee and Executive Officers.

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