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Board Minutes, January 5, 2014

Women’s Caucus for the Arts ­ Philadelphia Chapter
January 5, 2014

L to R: Emily, Kristin, Eva, Cathy, Virginia, Teresa, Debbie, Barbara
We are so excited for the future of the chapter!
January 5, 2014. Meeting was held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Cafeteria in the back room. Meeting began at 2PM.
Members Present
  • ●  Virginia Maksymowicz
  • ●  Kristin Osgood Lamelas 1­856­371­9133
  • ●  Teresa Unseld
  • ●  Barbara Maxwell ( 609­965­7630
  • ●  Debbie Miller 1­202­320­1770
  • ●  Cathy DeMarco 1­609­289­0689
  • ●  Emily Shnellbacher 1­317­625­3933
  • ●  Eva Preston 1­215­473­3815
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Due to the crazy weather, the December 8th meeting at Moore was rescheduled to January 5, 2014 at the Philadelphia Art Museum's cafe at 2PM. Happy holidays!
ATTENTION EVERYONE! Listed below are the current WCA members (as of January 11,
Rosalind Bloom, Ellen Bonett, Cathy DeMarco, Pamela Flynn, Joanna Fulginiti, Kristin Lamelas, Clara Lewis, Jeanne Lombardo, Bonnie MacAllister, Elizabeth McCue, Virginia Maksymowicz, Eva Preston, Cherie Redlinger, Emily Shnellbacher, Elizabeth Sowell­ Zak, Teresa Unseld
If your name is NOT on this list, that means you are NOT a current 2014 member and you need to renew ASAP.
You must renew your membership to remain active.
Here’s a link to the
2014 application- or go online to join- Just click on membership tab.
How to Stay Connected
Create a google account:
To create a new account: Go to 
Google Drive Tutorial Video:­11310_39­57419559­285/how­to­get­started­with­google­drive/
To access and edit WCA­ Philly folders on Google drive (please see all of our meeting notes here and add your biography to the Biography document and check out the other members here) 
WCA­Philly Calendar: (Please add your events here so we can all see!) 
Blog: http://www.phila­ 
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  • ●  Review Minutes: Last meeting minutes are on Google Drive­ WCA­Philly, Meeting Notes: http://us5.campaign­ 3d2&e=9a86a0e38c
  • ●  Introductions. Members were asked to bring a piece of work or a photo or web link of your work to discuss. We want to get to know each other. We were able to view some work, however without internet access we were unable to discuss everyone’s. Virginia outlined a brief history of the Women’s Caucus, which was an outgrowth of the CAA, and the Philadelphia Chapter which has been around since the 1970s, including substantial activities (such as skills exchanges, critiques, studio visits, tax workshop) and shows, ten years of the history is documented on the blog.
  • ●  National: Virginia agreed to write the Chapter Report.
    Virginia emailed election results to Karin at WCA National.
  • ●  History: Discussed possibility of obtaining annual reports from the National Caucus to document the Philadelphia Chapter’s history, Teresa Unseld seems interested in compiling this data. Teresa said there needs to be a mission statement. Virginia has since posted our mission statement on the blog.
  • ●  Publicity/ Design: We proposed creating small simple handouts in the form of business cards to promote the Caucus to nonmembers, Debbie Miller agreed to design these.
  • ●  Social Media: Troubleshooting google docs­ this issue should be resolved. All limitations have been removed. You should be able to save the WCA­Philly folders to your own drive and edit there.
  • ●  Membership: Cathy DeMarco agreed to handle membership including updating the mailchimp list with membership list and emailing welcome letters to new members. Teresa Unseld offered to work with Cathy on Membership and create a welcome packet and mail it out to new members.
  • ●  Venue or show idea/ leads. Discussed a 10x10 type Collaborative member group show incorporating items from everyone’s studio practice into individual pieces, ie: ten artists, ten pieces, each piece with objects or interpretations of objects from each other artist’s practice. Members will bring in 10 or 12 of the same object to the next meeting. Each member will create a work of art (no size limitation) incorporating each of those items in some way. Work will be shown as a group. Concerns were raised that there might not be enough work, so it was suggested adding in an additional piece of work to mirror the piece you make for the show. Virginia and Eva discussed possible West Philadelphia galleries,
    however Pam Flynn offered the space at Holy Family College (I teach at Holy Family in NE Philly and direct our art gallery­every couple of years we have a wca exhibit at HF­next
page3image23384 page3image23544
academic year I could fit the WCA in if you have a proposal for a group show­let me know if you are interested. Best, Pam Flynn
A proposal will need to be written and presented to Pam.
Administrative: Kristin agreed to send all the passwords and information everyone needs. Logo sent. Passwords sent. Currently revising welcome letter for Cathy and Teresa and compiling all of our contact info for Debbie.
Board Member Elections
  • ●  Chapter President­ Kristin Osgood Lamelas was nominated by Virginia, seconded by Emily, final vote was unanimous .
  • ●  Vice President­ Eva Preston was nominated by Cathy, seconded by Kristin, final vote was unanimous.
  • ●  Treasurer­ Virginia Maksymowicz was nominated by Eva, seconded by Debbie, final vote unanimous.
  • ●  Secretary­ Emily Schnellbacher was nominated by Kristin, seconded by Kathy, final vote unanimous.
  • ●  Membership­ Cathy DeMarco and Teresa Unseld (we need to vote on this to make it official.)
  • ●  Exhibition Chair­ open
  • ●  National Representative­ Virginia Maksymowicz agreed to represent our chapter at this
    year’s convention in Chicago.
    We discussed the need for new/ revised/ evolving positions. Everyone agreed. Possible positions:
    • ●  Graphic Designer­ Debbie Miller
    • ●  Chapter Historian­ Teresa Unseld
      Social Media
      • ○  blog updates (should we open this to all members?)
      • ○  Bonnie gave permission to Virginia, Kristin and the WCA google account to edit
        the blog. Emily will be able to update the blog through WCA account with member show information. Laura Petrovich­Cheney and Bonnie MacAllister often post to the blog as well.
      • ○  It would be great to connect the Google Calendar to the Blog and even FB so it’s more visible.
      • ○  Also add Twitter and Facebook widgets that link to our pages.
      • ○  Update FB page and add I just realized there are
        2 WCA FB pages­ Phila Caucus and Women’s Caucus For Art Philadelphia
        Chapter! We need to figure this out.
      • ○  Private FB group for just us has been created
page4image20984 page4image21144
*Emily Schnellbacher will update Blog and Public Facebook Page and Twitter (with links to blog) periodically. Please sent exciting news, upcoming shows opportunities and exhibition details to her at
Homework for Next Meeting
  • ●  Bring 10­12 items from your studio practice to hand out to other members to make a collaborative piece for the show.
  • ●  Bring a piece of your work or a photo or web link of your work to discuss. We want to get to know each other.
    Snacks were eaten, Gifts were exchanged, photos were taken. Eva Preston gave everyone a 2 million year old fossil that she got on a dumpster dive! She mentioned coordinating a meeting with the Dumpster Divers group possibly at Randy’s Blue Grotto and everyone like that idea.
    Meeting concluded at 4:10 PM
    Exciting Member News! (Congratulations ladies! You rock.)
    Please sent exciting news, upcoming shows opportunities and exhibition details to Emily at and add it to our Google Calendar and our FB page!
    Want to check out the NYC chapter?
    http://us2.campaign­ 38f6&e=e5f679ab89
  • ●  From Cathy Demarco: One of my scarves made it into the Philadelphia City Hall show! Art in City Hall Jan 8, 2014
  • ●  From Eva Preston
    Happy New year ! I have been working hard with all these shows coming up!
    • ●  Art in City Hall Jan 8, 2014
    • ●  Philadelphia National Archives Jan 10, 2014
    • ●  Circus Terminal Worldwide New Zealand Feb 25, 2014
    • ●  April 1, 2014 Spring~ Haute Handbag Magazine ...3 Handbags
    • ●  April 24, 2014 WCA­ Half The Sky China
  • ●  From Laura Petrovich­ Cheney:
    Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know about a great opportunity this January to try out some products from Liquitex. I am enclosing a brochure with more details for everyone. The AIR Gallery is located in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn so you can come early and check out some great galleries in the neighborhood.
    Hope to see you there! Laura

page5image19568 page5image19728 page5image19888 page5image20048
(for more info, check out the blog and the email from WCA that we sent out)
From Teresa Unseld
Hello All: I am a new member and I look fwd to meeting and working with all of you when the weather permits! I applaud each of you as empowered women and artists!
Next Sunday is booked as I am gallery sitting and have a
Meet the Artist Event (me!) at Gallery 22. I am open for another Sunday. I am attaching info on my art exhibition opening­I had hoped to share it with the group today. You are each invited next Friday the 13th­Jan the 5th at Gallery 22 on 22nd Street between Spruce and Locust
(next to Gusto's).
Hope to see you, stay warm=)!
Teresa Unseld
Teresa S. Unseld
Dates of Exhibition: December 13, 2013
to January 5, 2014
Opening Reception:
“Second Friday” December 13th, 6­9 pm
Meet the Artist: December 15th, Sun, 4­6 pm
Pipes, graphite collage, 18” x 24”
● From Bonnie MacAllister
I am so glad to see so many new names on the chapter list, including some I recognize from other encounters.
  • ●  I'll be showing next at the Painted Bride for First Friday at the "Four Corners" show I'll also be performing two original pieces that night.
  • ●  My work is on display right now at the Transfer Station in Manyunk and will be at the Culture Works for the holiday party for our members, the Greater
Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, and the Leeway Foundation.
● I programmed a multimedia event on January 4 at the
Rotunda (at the University
of Penn) for my own Certain Circuits (invitation attached­­flier by Joanne Sherrow).
As a Past President, I am a resource for you even though I am no longer a board member.
Best, Bonnie

Current Events
  • ●  Joanna Fulginiti [] Ragdoll Project website. Funding issues $99/year vs. free site
  • ●  I believe Joann has decided to use WIX or another paid subscription that she would pay for herself to maintain. Any update on this Joann?
    Exhibition Opportunities
    From Bonnie:
● The Center for Emerging Visual Artists
http://us1.campaign­ bc&e=4de605eb65#awesomeshare
FYI: I received an email from Pam Flynn:
I teach at Holy Family in NE Philly and direct our art gallery­every couple of years we have a wca exhibit at HF­next academic year I could fit the WCA in if you have a proposal for a group show­let me know if you are interested.

Pam Flynn Thank you Pam!
Recruitment/ New Members
● FYI: An email I received from Teresa S. Unseld ( She is interested in joining and attending future meetings­
Yay! Welcome Teresa!
Teresa S. Unseld, Ed.D.
Associate Professor, Art and Design Education Director, Masters in Art Education Program
University of the Arts
320 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.717.6483 (P) 267.475.0928 (C) 215.717.6056 (F)

page7image15704  page7image16032 page7image16192 page7image16352 page7image16512 page7image16672

● Also Eva recruited 3 new members and Cathy and Debbie brought Barbara to this meeting. It’s wonderful to meet so many great women! 

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