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March 9, 2014 Board Minutes

Women’s Caucus for Art­ Philadelphia Chapter
March 9, 2014 2­4PM MCAD cafeteria

Next meeting April 6, 2014, 2PM at Plaza Artist Materials and Picture Framing 3200 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 215­823­6893

Kristin Osgood Lamelas (President)
Bonnie MacAllister (Community Liason, Presidential Advisor)
Ashley Fry (WCA intern, Temple student)
Suzanne Park Knodle (Manager­ Plaza Artist Materials & Picture Framing)
Teresa Unseld couldn’t join us this week because she is in Alaska seeing the Northern Lights. Enjoy! Cathy Demarco can’t join us because she is receiving an honorable mention award at the Women in the Arts Luncheon. Congratulations Cathy! Unfortunately, Eva and Emily had some things come up unexpectedly. We missed you all and hope all is well.
Welcome Ashley Fry! Our new intern and honorary WCA member.
Hello. My name's Ashley Fry, and I [am interested] in conducting ethnographic research on the Women's Caucus for Art. I'm an Anthropology major at Temple University, and for my Socio­cultural capstone course we are to do ethnographic research on any group or subculture of our choice. I'm intrigued with the idea of studying a women's art group, and finding out how the establishment of such art groups give voice to various women’s experiences and educate the public. I would love to meet with members of the group and to hear their stories and inspirations. When and how often do members get together, and would I be permitted to join these meetings? Are you currently curating an exhibition or organizing any activism work? Any information on the group's activities in or around Philadelphia, and where I should go and whom I should speak with to get involved would be really appreciated! Thank you!
Ashley would look forward to the opportunity to meet with and interview any WCA member who is interested in helping her with her research. Please email her at:
Welcome Suzanne Knodle, manager of Plaza art supply. We are proud to
announce our new partnership with Plaza!

Bonnie and Suzanne met a few weeks ago at the Plastics Club. Bonnie invited Suzanne to meet with the group to discuss a partership with WCA. Suzanne offered to host a show of WCA member work at Plaza at supply!
Fun Facts!
The Plastics Club was first founded by women.
Where does that name come from?
Painting is one of the plastic arts­ classical mythology.
Check out their website! (especiallly Emily)
The moving model Saturday mornings! Looks like a fun group event idea for us.
Suzanne used to manage Utrecht at 20th & Chesnut
Plaza is the 13
th store, they have locations in DC, Maryland, Nashville, Cinncinati Would like to partner with us. Yay!
They have LOTS of wall space.
Want to put together an art show in the store in May.
Did we mention the Huge wall space?
“Lets show in May. Not too controversial. No nudity. Toned. Tame. No graphic imagery. Work that should be viewed by any age audience.”
We will be meeting at Plaza on April 6 at 2PM to discuss details about this show. You should definitely come if you are interested in showing too see the space available.
Hey teachers­ Plaza accepts school purchase orders! Need to post to this to AENJ site.
Ebony your account has been linked to the blog.
On The page, we cannot find the link for WCA Philadelphia. Jeremy Klotz runs events filter. He has been emailed and he will be sending us information on how to link everything.
Karin Luner sent cards and brochures and I emailed her about how to number them: National assigns numbers. We give check and form to Virginia and she mails it to National.
Still wondering: Are the chapter annual reports on file at national somewhere? We are trying to compile a complete history and thought they might be contained in one place.
Approached by Moore to offer $100 Scholarship plus WCA membership. Senior Show is April 23, 2014. Committed to it. Virginia Approved. Certificate, check, Membership.
*I need a few members to join me at Moore on April 22, 2014 from 11am to 12 to choose a recipient for the award. Interested? Please email me at Thanks!­ Kristin Osgood Lamelas*
We are also interested in doing a HS award School District in Philly $100 and a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Virginia­Do you know if there is a list of galleries and contacts in Philadelphia that an
intern did?
Debbie’s card design! Debbie­ are these being printed?
Emily­ you are doing a wonderful job updating all of the social media. Keep up the great work! Please send out meeting reminders two weeks, then a week before if you can.
page3image14872 page3image15032
YOU MUST RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP BY APRIL 1st IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. National send membership cards and brochures. We send money to National, they assign
number and send a member letter.
Cathy, please add to mailchimp Ashley Fry, our new intern!
Our list needs to be divided on mail chimp. We only have 25 paid members yet the minutes/ letters went out to all 45. We need to reach out and ask non paid members to please renew.
Holy Family University, September
Bonnie agreed to write the proposal for Pam. She wrote the last three to Holy Family.
WCA Philadelphia: eXchange: 10x10x10
10x10 x10 piece made with these materials. have pedestals, additional pieces no wider than 10”, 10 x 40 limit, 10” wide x 10 artists x 10 materials
Congratulations to these artists on the upcoming show! We would love to see your works in progess! Send jpegs to!
1.Cathy Demarco
2. Emily Schnellbacher
3 Virginia Maksymowicz 4. Jude Lang
5. C.W. Clara Lewis
6. Linda Lou Horn
7. Toni Nash
8 Eva Preston
9 Kristin Lamelas
10 Bonnie MacAllister

All members exchanged materials and are busy making work. 2 additional pieces will also be needed for the show. Should these pieces relate? Size?
City Line Gallery
Eva Preston is curating a show and would like to know who wants to be in it. It’s at the book store near Lord and Taylor. next to Michaels. Used to be Lucille Roberts. City Line Gallery inside the book store. Date TBD walls and maybe some free standing works. Discuss with Eva. No insurance.
We can have a book signing­ Bonnie Interested.
Poetry slams on Wed night. Storytellers for children.
Great parking and location.
Will need music and food for opening, graphics and flyers.
To submit for a one person exhibit at Holy Family see this link­­opportunities/
I put together the exhibition schedule in May so you will hear back in late May. Please send the submission via mail not electronically.

Eye's Gallery is looking to showcase artists for weekend trunk shows beginning in the spring of 2014. Interested applicants should submit 3­4 jpegs to Eye's Gallery is a unique space that sells handmade items from all over the world, specializing in Latin American folk art. Owned and run by Julia Zagar, the Eye's Gallery has been a highlight of South Street's artistic culture since 1968. We are looking for artists that would complement our aesthetic. Jpegs must be received by the 31st of March. Chosen artists will be notified the week of April 5th.
There is a trip planned for Saturday May 17 at 2pm. Please RSVP to Marilyn Hayes at as soon as possible. The RSVP should include your email and phone number so if someone drops out I can contact you. We can view the outdoor sculpture on our own (Outdoor sculptures are Andy Goldsworthy, Elsworth Kelly, Richard Serra, Tony Smith, Felix Gonzalez­Torres. It's best if we carpool. We are reserving the time to tour as a group so we all need to arrive on time ­ carpooling may help with that. We cannot go through the museum individually We will be paired with a docent. See the website at Fee and contact info TBD.
http://us3.campaign­ 6e796
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