Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Your WCA: Diana Riukas

Your WCA is a new feature that enables us to get to know our fellow members a little better.

Artist's Statement
By: Diana Riukas

 My education includes BA In Art from West Chester University, M.Ed. Art Education from Tyler School of Art, and M.F.A. In Studio Art from Maryland Institute College of Art.  My work as a multi-media artist includes acrylic, oil,  encaustic , fabric, digital, and photography  using  collage methods  on canvas and/ or wood.  The use of mixed media gives me great freedom of expression in  a variety of themes, in both abstract and realistic styles. Themes that interest me most are spirituality, female self-image , and socio-educational issues.  My unconventional spiritual beliefs, experiences of self-mage issues, and 21 years of work  with children in  the inner city impact my art work. These three main areas are explored separately and  sometimes in relation to each other. 

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