Sunday, October 11, 2015

Roz Bloom Studio Visit Minutes

Women’s Caucus for Art Philadelphia Chapter
Roz Bloom Studio Visit
Kristin passes the spoon to Sarah
L to R: Anne Kantor Kellett, Eleanor Schimmel, Susan Richards (top), Karen Love Cooler, Kristin Osgood Lamelas, Ellen Silverman (back), Sarah Bloom, Damini Celebre, Colleen Sweeney Gahrmann, Roz Bloom, Jude Lang (Photo courtesy of Colleen’s daughter- Mia)
October 11, 2015
Location: Rosalind Bloom’s Studio

Members Present:
Roz Bloom
Sarah Bloom
Kristin Osgood Lamelas
Damini Celebre
Karen Love Cooler
Susan Richards
Ellen Silverman (Lucretia “Ellen” McGuff-Silverman)
Anne Kantor Kellett
Jude Lang
Colleen Sweeney Gahrmann
Eleanor Schimmel
The meeting began at 2 PM with introductions. Members went around and introduced themselves. Everyone is at different places in their lives and shared their interesting stories.
On a special note, Karen Love Cooler encourages ALL women to have a 3D mammogram performed when you have your annual breast exam. Not all breast cancers can be seen or felt but a 3D one picks up shadows. It just might save your life.

Old Enough to Know Better

  • 265 entries over 2000 pieces entered, 67 selected. Eileen Neff will be helping with hanging.
  • There's still time to sign up!
  • We discussed the Old Enough to Know Better show and agreed to pay each juror the agreed upon $500 stipend for their work.
  • We also agreed to pay Kristin Osgood Lamelas a $500 stipend for her 80+ hours of work so far on the Old Enough to Know Better Exhibition alone.
  • We ordered temporary tattoos for the opening. They look awesome!
  • We agreed to ask Tony (Indigo Arts) to be the key bearer. Kristin emailed him but has not heard back yet.
  • Eleanor agreed to and has looked into catering options for the opening. She will be contacting Wegmans about a possible discount. We decided on several fruit, cheese and cracker trays plus paper products, wine, beer, and water for the opening. Budget $500.
  • Jude Lang will be reimbursed $135 for her payment to NYFA for advertising
  • We discussed publicity and Anne Kantor Kellett agreed to work with Jude writing a press release and a blurb for the outside of the exhibition.
  • Sarah Bloom is working on PR contacts.
  • Jude Created a poster.
  • Members are encouraged to mail out the poster to as many contacts as they can to encourage attendance and also print the poster for display.

Elections: Passing the Spoon

  • Having revived the chapter and served as WCA Philadelphia Chapter President since the summer of 2013, Kristin is resigning her position as President effective 12/31/15 to spend more time with her family and artwork. Kristin discussed the responsibilities of the position and thanked Jude Lang for her help as “unofficial Vice President” during this past year.
  • Sarah Bloom bravely stepped up and accepted the position.
  • Damini Celebre offered to be Vice President.
  • Colleen Sweeney Gahrmann offered to take on the Secretary position and help out with updating the Membership list.
  • Virginia Maksymowicz will remain treasurer.
  • A vote was held and everyone was in favor of these decisions.
  • Kristin Osgood Lamelas licked off the hummus and officially passed the spoon to Sarah Bloom.
  • Everyone celebrated.
  • A meeting will be held 12/6 between Kristin, Sarah, Damini and Colleen to transfer the administration, go over procedures and hand over passwords.
(photos courtesy of Sarah Bloom)
Rosalind Bloom demonstrated her transfer printing and mixed media techniques using xerox transfers or magazine photos and gel medium. Other members discussed how they transfers images into wet gesso on wood or use tape or contact paper instead of gel medium and rub off the paper on back.

Afterwards Roz showed us her work and talked about her process. It was great to see how all of the pieces work together and relate to each other. She uses personal photography and found images as photo transfers in her work and well as collaged items and layers them over one another.
Check out Roz Bloom's website here:
Roz gave away stretcher bars and frames. Thank you!
We then looked at the work and studio set up of Christopher Cairns, sculptor. The quantity of work and vastness of the space was quite impressive.
Meeting adjourned at about 4PM.
Thank you again to everyone who came out and especially to Roz for your hospitality!
Congratulations to our 2016 Board!
President: Sarah Bloom
Vice President: Damini Celebre
Secretary: Colleen Sweeney Gahrmann
Treasurer: Virginia Maksymowicz



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