Wednesday, February 03, 2016

February 3, 2016

Dear Members and Potential Members,

We had a very energetic meeting this past Sunday, the minutes of which are included. In discussing my goals for the coming year, I emphasized the mission statement of the WCA which states that we create community through ART, EDUCATION, and SOCIAL ACTIVISM. The streamlining that was necessary to get things organized again over the past couple of years meant that not all these areas were being addressed. In order to accomplish more, we need more members who are ready to be actively involved.

Along this line of thought the idea came up to choose a focus social issue around which our other programming could operate. Themed art shows, community art projects related to that issue/with people affected by that issue, film screenings, lecture series, etc.

We were unable to come to a decision on one issue and it would certainly be better to get more input. We do not, however, want this to drag on with lots of vague or broad subjetcs being suggested without some concrete ideas. So, WE WANT YOU to email your ideas/proposals for the issue you'd like to see us focus on, with some specific goals and ideas (does not have to be a full plan for the next year, but needs to have some direction) to me at
Come to the next meeting with your ideas (if you cannot make it, say so in the email but your ideas WILL be represented). The next meeting will be SUNDAY FEBRUARY 28th at Da Vinci Art Alliance 10am-11:30am. They won't all be at Da Vinci, but I wanted to have another meeting before too much time passed and I know we can have it there. If you cannot make Sunday mornings I apologize, and I will make an effort to have meetings at different days/times moving forward, but as you know it will be impossible for a meeting to be a good time for everyone.

Lastly, a big thank you to those potential members who came out and shared their experience and knowledge with us! I do hope you join. We need you.

To join the Philadelphia Chapter, one must also join the national. You can join only the national organization, but not only the chapter. Total cost is $55 for the year ($40 for national plus $15 for chapter), though the year ends Dec. 31 no matter when you join, so now is better than later. There are also student rates. 
You can become a member of the Philadelphia chapter by filling out the application form on the National WCA website, choosing "PAP" as your chapter. The national WCA membership page is here:

You can either click the PayPal link to fill the application online and pay online, OR you can click the "APPLICATION FORM" link to download the pdf, fill it out and mail it with your check to the address listed on the application page.

Current members, it is time to RENEW! 2015 memberships expired Dec 31st.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with the application process.

All the best,
Sarah R. Bloom
2016 Chapter President


Philadelphia Women’s Caucus for Art Members Meeting Minutes January 31, 2015
15 people present (7 current member and 8 potential members )

Introduction and Agenda
  • Meeting called to order by President Sarah Bloom at 10:15.
  • Sarah offered a brief history of the National Women’s Caucus for Art as well as her vision/ideas for the Philadelphia Chapter: The mission of the Women's Caucus for Art is to create community through art, education, and social activism.
  • Sarah wishes to hold regular business meetings about every 3 months, separate from other events/gatherings.
  • Ideas and Vision for the Philadelphia Chapter events include museum, studio visits, exhibitions, films community and social involvement.
  • Membership categories and dues were noted all those in attendance are welcomed and encouraged to join. WCA is a networking organization for women in the arts.
Meeting Business
  • Discussion ensued regarding Social Issues that the Philadelphia Chapter would like to adopt and pursue as a group to raise social awareness. Some ideas were seen as too vague/broad, some too stereotypical.
  • A motion to vote was made by Sarah Bloom to adopt Violence against Women as the Chapters Social Activism Issue; however after group discussion the vote was tabled to our next meeting.
  • Those in attendance were asked to bring definitive ideas and specific goals regarding social issues that affect women for Chapter consideration.
  • Ideas for social issue suggestions can be emailed
  • Suggestions were made regarding the use of face book hashtags such as #wcaphilly as a means of additional chapter communication.
  • President Sarah Bloom will schedule and announce the next Chapter meeting within the month.
  • Notice will be through membership email, WCA Philadelphia Chapter Facebook. Please bring a friend.
Meeting Adjourned @ 11:40
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