Thursday, December 01, 2016

Dear Members,                                                                                                                                 December 1, 2016

Can you believe it is already the end of the year?? I think we are probably all glad for this particular year to be over, but it went fast.  Thank you to the women who came out the other night to Scotts Mills for our meeting. We had some good discussion and the minutes are shared below!


  1. Are you interested in being on the exhibition committee? 
  2. Are you interested in collaborating with one of the DivaNation singers but couldn't register because the website is down? Let me know with your name and a link to an online portfolio if you have it, and I will pass it on.
  3. Do you have any specific skills that might be of use to the group and want to make yourself available? i.e. carpentry, graphic arts, website building, etc. Anything really! 
The exhibition committee will need to meet within the next two weeks to finalize decision about our show in April (social justice theme) at Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Sarah R. Bloom
President, WCA Philadelphia Chapter

Thank you to Bonnie's husband Ndokaa for taking the above photo! 

November Minutes

In attendance: Sarah Bloom, Rosalind Bloom, Bonnie MacAllister, Jude Lang, Marie Weaver, Simone Spicer, Nadia Kunz, Andrea Beizer

-Discovered that many of you are either not receiving the emails OR not bothering to click them open :)
Please be sure to check that you are receiving these emails, but know that I also post the content onto the Facebook Page AND to our little blog, so you do have two other ways of keeping informed.
--Going forward, we will be starting a Google Group so that we can not only share the newsletter information, but we can also share specific events and news with one another that may be relevant. Some of those events may be also then shared to the FB page.

-Discussion of DivaNation Mixer and how awesome it was, seems people are only interested once they hear me talk about it if they weren't at the mixer. Talk to me about it!! It is going to be amazing. Collaborating with incredibly talented singers. We have leads on several venues as possible performance/showcase spaces for either late April or early May. More than one show is a likely possibility. The website for registering to participate is down temporarily, will post when it is up. Meanwhile, contact me if you want to know more and/or wish to declare your participation.

  • Suggestions for other possible spaces were many. Already have good deal from L'Etage in South Philly and White Pines Productions in Elkins Park as potentials.
    • Synagogue (Jude)
    • Studio 34 
    • Fox at Penn, free, perhaps they also have performance space we could use?
    • Asian Art center?
    • Plastic Club is $250 for month, both floors, don't know how far they are booked
-APRIL show for just WCA in April at Da Vinci
  • Theme is how art impacts social justice
  • Exhibition committee needs to meet within next 2 weeks to discuss who show is open to, cost, whether it is juried, possible jurors, dates, etc. 
  • Press needs to go out by mid February.
-March is Women's History month... looking for ideas for one-day event we can do as a group?? 

-National WCA Conference is in NYC this February. Info here:

-Discussed ways in which to reach more members for meetings and diversify the group (age and race). 

  • Bonnie mentioned many young women left after Old Enough to Know Better (for women over 35). 
  • Many galleries and groups around area to reach out to. 
    • Imperfect Gallery in Germantown
    • Germantown Round Table group
  • Possibly sending out a SurveyMonkey to find out when are good times/days for members to meet.
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