Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moore WCA Award of Excellence: Heather Sundquist

Jurors Marie Elcin,
Sonia Sherrod,and Nicole Dul chose Heather Sundquist,
an art ed major as the recipient Moore WCA Award of Excellence.
Marie described Heather's installation, "She did these
hexagonal beehive cells with drawings of women in various roles,
cleaning, caring for children, workng,and also had extracts
of books written on some, with parts of pictures and some words
embroidered. I loved it...I loved the many levels of the work,
the hive as symbol of society, the somewhat familiar texts,
the line quality of her drawing, and the time-intensive nature
of the work she did." Heather is excited to join us as the
newest member of the WCA, and we will see her as part of the
WCA tables at Art Star Craft Bazaar and Art for the Cash Poor.
Virginia Maksymowicz and Bonnie MacAllister presented
Heather with the award.
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