Saturday, July 28, 2007

Meeting Agenda for Wednesday August 8th

1.Molly Crowley from "Rubia "will be presenting
information about their group which helps
women in Afghanistan. This group wishes
to collaborate with the WCA on a project.
Possible ones are to distribute a piece
of embroidery to a group of artists and
allow them to incorporate the material
into a work of art. They also have a project
called "Sew don't Grow" to provide
an alternative to growing poppies.
Darrai Noor,Afghanistan, is a poppy growing
region, which makesour work even more important
in the region. The poppy flower, which is beautiful,
has been incorporated by the women in Afghanistan
into manyof the embroidered designs. We could
present a similar design idea

to a groupof artists and see
their interpretation
of the poppy flower.


2) Member, Diana Riukas will speak about the recent grant she received. Diana was also the recipient of the grant that made the"Dress Project " possible.

3) We will talk about a book project for the "Magazine Stand" at the Baltimore Book Festival. Please see blog entry for "Mini Curated Micro-Books" for more details.

4) We are to come with ideas for workshops, trips, and places and themes for exhibits for the upcoming year.

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