Monday, October 29, 2007

Exhibition Commitee Update

The Exhibitions Committee is in process of creating
several exhibitions proposals. If you have work on
your Irving Sandler Artist File site that is not
available for exhibition, you must notify the us at

We are extending the period to update your site until
Wednesday, November 14 (our next meeting). If you
have not yet created your Artist File site, and you
wish to be eligible for exhibitions, please follow the
instructions below. Otherwise, please update your

Several of the themes we are currently coordinating
are "Components," "Women's Identity," and
environmental themes. We are targeting several
colleges with prominent galleries as well as some
Philadelphia spaces such as Stratasphere and the
Philadelphia Art Alliance.

If you are a WCA member with links to a local
institution or college, please let us know.

We are also making preparations for a Fall 2008 show.
As you all know, we have the Spring shows at the City
Council Building in Wilmington, DE in March 2008. We
will present "Women Helping Women: Stitch by Stitch"
(with Rubia) and "Environmental Distress."

***Lastly, a reminder that it is time to renew dues
for 2008 if you wish to be eligible for these upcoming
shows. You can find the application at
. Be sure to select both National and Local dues.***

We look forward to seeing you at the November 14
meeting and seeing your images. If you have any
questions, feel free to ask and to call 215.222.1758
(Bonnie) or Marie (215-423-4884 home, 215-567-1088

We are always looking for volunteers to serve on the
Exhibition Committee and to take initiative in the

Instructions on how to upload an Irving Sandler Artist

1) Make sure you are an active WCA member. If you dues
are not current, we cannot include you in any exhibits
or proposals for exhibits. You can pay dues directly
on or contact Treasurer, Virginia
Maksymowicz at

2) Go to and
follow the directions. If you run into any problems
that you can't solve through the on-line technical
support, contact us. Several of us have digital
cameras if you need to photograph your work.

3) As soon as your Artists File portfolio is on line,
contact us. This will alert us to include your name
and link on the WCA blog

4) Please note that after you upload your portfolio,
it will take about a week for it to go on line. You
must search for your name on the site to see if it is
live. It will not automatically email you.
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