Monday, October 29, 2007

"Women Helping Women: Stitch by Stitch"

New WCA-Phila/Rubia Partnership Site

WCA-Philadelphia invites new and current
members WCA membersto participate in this
exhibition open to all members nationally:

"Women Helping Women: Stitch by Stitch"

exhibit with Rubia

Opens May 2, 2008-May 31, 2008

City County Building, Wilmington, DE*** (and other sites TBA)

The WCA-Phila has fabric that we can mail you (as supplies last),
or you may use your own.

(Must be 10"x10")

Please observe the motifs of the Afghan women
as seen on the Rubia siteand create your
response and interpretation of the theme
through imagesof the poppy, the rubia logo,
etc. as found on Rubia Website. We will use
fabric artwork embroidered by the Afghan women
and we add to it your pieces(quilt style) with
squares created by WCA members to create an impressive
larger tapestry piece.

Rubia is a project of Social & Environmental
Entrepeneurs (SEE),a registered 501(c) [3],
which provides non-profit status. Rubia serves
women in Afghanistan, offering education,
skills training andincome opportunities through
the promotion of their traditional handwork.
Rubia is committed to building sustainable
business in a fragile environment,empowering
women while respecting traditional ways,
reviving and preserving traditional crafts.

News of our project has reached Afghanistan, and there is much
support for this collaboration.

It is our goal for this piece to travel to other chapters,
to other venues, and to the original artists in Afghanistan.

This exhibit is FREE for all 2008 dues paying
WCA-Philadelphia members,and $25 for members
of all other chapters (hanging/assembly fee and
donation to Rubia.)

***Please note: City County Building show is in a
federal building so
religious art is prohibited.***
Thank you!

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