Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paint a Lion update!

A number of our members have participated in this project: Bonnie MacAllister, KathyDobash, Katrina Kiefer, Madeline Adams) Here is Kathy with her lion.

Paint a Lion

Our campus is planning an exhibition of artist-designed and painted Nittany Lions which would be on view on the grounds and at various community locations from mid- March through early May when they would be auctioned at our 40th Anniversary Gala, Saturday, May 10, 2008. In return for lending your creativity, time and talent, you will be helping support student scholarships at Penn State Delaware County.

As a “Lion- painter” you would also be invited to participate in an exhibition in the campus library of one piece of work from each of our artists, which you would be free to sell. Note that participation in this exhibit in October would be optional but we hope to highlight the work of as many artists as possible. To get lots of supporters involved, we expect to have about eighty painted lions which will include your artist-designed lion as well as some designed by students, staff and faculty groups .

The Lions (which are heavy white resin and about 3 ½’ by 2’and weighing about 15lbs – not as large as the famous original but just perfect for a Penn State garden or business establishment) will be provided by Lion Lover sponsors. We would be glad to provide information on how you can sponsor as well as paint a lion. Details on materials will be provided and campus students and friends will complete the final protective clear coating to make them safe for the outdoors. According to the makers of the lions, Space Age Plastics, they are made for outdoor use and acrylic paints should do the job.

Lions to be painted will be distributed at the 40th Anniversary Opening Celebration Picnic on Penn State Day, October 20, 2007– we are hoping you will attend the kick-off of our year-long program of activities which will highlight all the strengths of the campus community.

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