Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meeting recap

Despite the downpour Wednesday night, 5 members showed up for the July meeting. Present were Molly Crowley, Marie Elcin, Martha Knox, Alison Nastasi, and Michelle Wilson.

-arrangements were discussed for the transition of the quilt to Florida at the end of July, and Molly reported that a Rubia board member has recently moved to Florida near the 2 venues and will assist with the exhibitions.

-2 more people have expressed interest in going to the Saturday, September 6th, 3:00 show of Stuporwoman at the Livearts/Philly Fringe, bringing the total to 5 now. We need 5 more people to participate in order to get the discounted price! Please email if you would like to participate. This is a fantastic show, worth seeing, and if you only see one Livearts show, this should be it! It would be best if we could confirm by the end of July.

-the summer National WCA Board meeting is coming up Friday, July 25th-Sunday July 27th. They are starting off with a tour at 2:00 at the NAtional Woman's Art Museum and a potluck that evening at MArilyn Hayes house. If you are interested in attending the meeting(open to all members!) please contact Barbara Wolanin at for tour info. And contact Holly Dodge who is in charge of the potluck arrangements And contact Marilyn Hayes to say you will be attending the meeting at .

We had a lovely critique, got to see some new work, and talk about formal and conceptual issues we deal with individually. Having a small group was conducive to the critique atmosphere, and I encourage all of you to consider forming your own small critique groups with people you trust for good, honest feedback. Sometimes it's necessary to see your work from another person's point of view, and by explaining your work and thought process you can see what areas need attention.

The next meeting will be August 13th at Moore. Please bring info about artistic opportunitues you know of to share with other members. We can no longer meet inside the faculty lounge as there was an incident where the catering company's equipment was damaged by another party (not us!). So until further notice we will meet in the rear of the cafeteria.

Hope your summer is fun and safe!
-Marie Elcin, co-president
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