Thursday, August 06, 2009

Member Ellie Brown launches Popsicle Artist Marketing!

Today’s Artist: Marketing Yourself
POP!sicle Artist Marketing

Are you ready to make a full-time living as an artist? Today, it’s harder than ever to survive and thrive financially as a working artist. Still, there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of artists from all over the country who do just that! But how? What are the keys to financial success? Is pure talent and creativity enough? Not quite!

To succeed today, you have to augment your innate creativity and technical skills with some down-to-earth business knowledge and skills found outside of the studio. The most important of which is marketing –packaging, and promotion. For instance, at least 50% of your time should be spent getting your artwork seen outside of your studio – at exhibits, shows or special events. Getting into shows gets you recognition – it’s as simple as that! How to do that is the hard part…and I’ve learned to make the “hard part” a bit simpler. And, I’m ready to share my experience and success with you!

Need to know how to successfully apply for a grant? Find a residency or a fellowship? Find and outfit a suitable studio space? I can help. Want to learn how to network with gallery owners, dealers, critics, publishers and other artists? Get press coverage? I can help with that, too. Finding a path as an artist in today’s market is tough, but it becomes a bit easier when I am there to help you.

Grant Writing and Marketing Services
With twelve years of professional experience, I can assist you in gaining the funding and recognition you deserve. I have been awarded over $100,000 in funding in the past X years. Now, I can teach you the practical strategies that I used to win that funding.

I have exhibited my work extensively - both nationally and internationally. This funding includes exhibition awards, full artist residency fellowships, scholarships, lecture stipends, and grant funding. There are millions of dollars in medium-specific grant money, fellowships, exhibition, and employment opportunities – money that I can help you find and win through:

· Learning practical marketing strategies
· Writing a concise artist statement
· Developing a polished artist packet to send to galleries and publications
· Creating a strong portfolio
· Finding sources of grant funding
· Writing winning grant proposals
· Creating a marketing plan
· Applying to exhibitions
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