Thursday, June 10, 2010

School District Art Award!!!

Our June meeting was held last night at the School District Building at 400 North Broad St, where the walls are currently adorned floor to ceiling with artwork by students in Philadelphia Public Schools. For many years now, the Philadelphia WCA has given an award to a deserving 11th grade girl based on the strength of her work. An 11th grader is selected as we hope to encourage a student who may not have made a final decision about continued education to further pursue the arts.
Having our meeting at the School District allowed all of us to contribute our opinions to jurying the award... and for once there was some fierce debate!! As opinions were divided, the final decision was to grant not one... but TWO awards!!!! Above is the work of Iva Hodaj, an 11th grader from George Washington High School. Her image is a pencil perspective drawing of Headhouse Square which is on 2nd St between Pine and Lombard. Her work was chosen for her high level of detail, careful perspective (both compositional and atmospheric), and range of mark, making it a drawing of mastery surprising for a high school student and more on par with perhaps a sophomore in art school.
On the completely opposite side of the the spectrum is the work of Vaux High school student, Tiara Gaymon.
Her exuberant painting on paper brought to mind the work of Basquiat. It was selected for its highly expressive qualities, the range of mark-making, and successful control of multiple layers of color, as well as its potential for multiple interpretations.
The presentation of awards will occur this Saturday, June 12th at 10 am, where we hope to meet our awardees in person. All members and well-wishers are invited to attend, atrium of the school district building, 400 N Broad.
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