Monday, August 01, 2011

Next WCA Meeting: Create a Rag Doll for Human Trafficking Awareness (August 10)

WCA Meeting: Create a Rag Doll for Human Trafficking Awareness

Wednesday, August 10 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm


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Open call for handmade rag dolls! Deadline: 9/2

We will create a pile of rag dolls to symbolize the numbers impacted by human trafficking. Please bring sewing machines, needles, yarn, sharpies, fabric, buttons, and what you need to create your doll. If you cannot attend and wish to contribute, please email

We also need to create a sticker design so please bring ideas!
If you can't attend but you want to mail or arrange drop off for your doll, email

If you cannot attend, please feel free to use this pattern and send or drop off you doll, but we ask that you leave the faces blank.  We thank

The dolls will be part of a rag doll performance piece and protest on 9/2 at 5:30 at 2nd & Market to coincide with Philly Fringe First Friday. Please plan to attend and participate. We'll create our pile of rag dolls and silently hand out stickers and information. The dolls will be part of a 2012 WCA exhibit at Cabrini College (under auspices of Ambassador for Human Trafficking).

We will also be holding educational meet ups on Human Trafficking. To sign up to be part of the exhibit, RSVP here and email
We look forward to seeing you at the WCA doll making meeting in Sarah Peter Cafeteria! Bring photo ID for Moore's security where you will check in when you arrive.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Rubenstein: 

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