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Meeting Notes- Aug. 11

WCA PHILADELPHIA | Strategic Meeting Notes
Aug. 11, 2012
Call to Order: approximately 2:00 pm by Treasurer

Laura Petrovich-Cheney
Kristin Osgood Lamelas
Bonnie MacAllister
Karen Love Cooler
Virginia Maksymowicz, Treasurer
Eva Preston
Jeanne Lombardo
Cynthia Back

Virginia Maksymowicz's home

   Nominations and Membership.
Bonnie MacAllister agreed to run as president for one year.
Laura Petrovich-Cheney agreed to run as secretary for one year.
Virginia Maksymowicz agreed to run as treasurer for one year. She mentioned that she has been treasurer for some years and enjoys the position.
Talk about the history of the organization; it’s ups and downs throughout the past twenty years.
All present agreed that Petrovich-Cheney will set up the survey monkey and post elections ASAP so Philadelphia can maintain its chapter status with National.
All present agreed that the posted members could run for office; all present voted in favor.

22012-13 Calendar set
a.    Sept 7
b.    Oct 10
c.     Nov 14
d.    Dec. 8 or Dec 15
e.    Jan. 9
f.      Feb.- no meeting
g.    March 13
h.    April 10
i.      May 8
j.      June 12
k.     July 12
l.      Aug- TBD

3 Topics set.
September 7. Anonymous Women Artists/ Roving drawing troupe donned in masks.
This was a past event and was very successful.
Event details:
Meeting at 2nd and Market for First Friday Events between 5:00-5:30. 
After 5:30, call or text: 215-262-9227 for location.
Masks will be on site (first come, first served), bring one, or reserve one by contacting Ellen Bonett.  Eva Preston graciously will be donating 10 -15 head dresses. Please contact her if you are interested. For Ellen's and Eva's emails address - please contact Laura Petrovich-Cheney for that information.  Kristin Osgood Lamelas will be working on the flyer to hand out to people; it will include a membership form as well.
Please bring a sketchbook, pen and pencil. 

October 10. Materials Swap and Membership Meeting.
Moore College of Art and Design.
General meeting followed by a material swap. 
Idea was inspired by Eva Preston. Members would be encouraged to utilize the blog by posting comments on what they need or have to give away.

November 14. Information Exchange and Membership Meeting.
7:00 pm @ Moore College of Art and Design.
There was some discussion around always having an activity or not having an activity. It was strongly agreed to maintain active membership that activities should always follow meetings. For November, information exchange would occur. Members should bring some good idea tips, exhibit connections, and positive workshop experience to share with our members. 

December Holiday Party.
Karen Love Cooler generously offered her home. Dates will be either Dec. 8 or Dec. 15. Karen will confirm this by Sept. 1. Time will be from 4-8 pm. Significant others may attend.
Members are encouraged to bring a pot luck and an artwork for exchange. was suggested to organize the guest list and menu. RSVP will be necessary.

January 1 - Membership fees are due. Membership runs yearly. Reminder announcements should start in October and run through December.

January 9. 10x10 Project and General Meeting.
Moore College of Art and Design
Eva Preston suggested to mentor a workshop called 10x10. Each member would be bring 10 of the same items – 10 buttons, 10 balls of yarn. Each member would then create something using all 10 items. Ideas such as photographing or collaging the 10 items abound. It was suggested that we could increase this number to 14 x 14, or 20 x 20. Some members expressed a concern that it may be too many items for one piece of artwork– so the idea of breaking down members into groups occurred. Then the members decided that the limit could be in the size – 10 inches by 10 inches.  The products from this workshop could then be selected for the March membership show tentatively planned for International Women’s Day at University of Pennsylvania. This will be a good reason to renew membership.
Past projects, like Virginia’s book, was shared with the group. Everyone agreed that this was an excellent idea generated by Eva Preston.

No Philadelphia meeting. Please consider attending the National WCA conference. Bonnie mentioned that one member is selected to attend the National meetings. Discussion around the history of the WCA was lead by Maksymowicz; she shared her articles, images and personal involvement. Bonnie, Jeanne Lombardo and Cynthia Back also shared their experiences.

March 13. International Women's Day.
7:00 pm @ Moore College of Art and Design. Although the date was selected, this meeting could be held in conjunction with International Women's Day. However, this is still a work in progress since the show has not been confirmed. 

April 10. Member Crit and General Meeting.
Moore College of Art & Design.
Virginia Maksymowicz suggested a member crit and she offered to organize it. All members would be encouraged to bring three pieces of current work.  Place and time would be determined.

May 8. Guest Speaker and General Meeting.
Time and place will be determined. Bonnie suggested the new curator of ICA and asked for suggestions. However, everyone agreed that this would be exciting.

June 12. Hula-Hoop Rug and General Meeting.
7:00 pm @ Moore College of Art & Design.
This workshop will be lead by Laura Petrovich-Cheney. Place could be Maksymowicz’s house. Details will be in the newsletter.

June 30. Elections.

July and August 2013. To be set by the new board.

Petrovich-Cheney suggested new tabs on the blog for members, history and the calendar of events.
MacAllister reminded everyone about our new look for the newsletter called Mail Chimp.
MacAllister and Maksymowicz talked about Irving Sandler link to our blog. As a new member joins, information about the Irving Sandler will go out them. The members currently listed on the blog who are not paid up will be removed.
Member benefits include member shows.
MacAllister suggested to find a gallery liaison person to help organize Philadelphia galleries.
MacAllister suggested everyone to attend the August 24 Esty workshop at Next Fab and encouraged everyone present to write an article or submit an image for her ArtLines magazine that she is co-writing with Lombardo.

Meeting adjourned approximately 5:00 pm.

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