Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Meeting Notes

WCA PHILADELPHIA | October 10 Meeting Notes
NEXT MEETING: November 14, 2012

CALL TO ORDER at 7:15pm by Co-President, Ellen Bonett
Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA

PRESENT: (A special thank you to all the members who attended!)

Ellen Bonett, Co-President
Virginia Maksymowicz, Treasurer
Simone Spicer
Veronika Hicks
Joanne Fulginti
Ruth Schambachner
Eva (Aanya) Preston
Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Secretary
Karen Love Cooler
Cynthia Back
Ana Rankine

1.    INTRODUCTIONS were made.

2.    UPCOMING EVENTS were discussed.
a.    Oct. 12. NeXt event.
Any questions about this event, please contact Bonnie.

b.    Nov. 2. Philly Do-Gooder.

c.     Nov. 14. Diane Riukas Studio Tour
Ellen stated that the studio tour was limited to 15 members and informed everyone to sign up through Facebook. We discussed encaustics, the hot tub event, and food. Everyone seemed enthusiastic about the tour.

d.    December 7 & 8 – Ragdoll Project.
Ragdolls could be set up at the NeXt event. Joanne Fulginti stated that she needed more dolls to sell for the Dec. 7 & 8 Circle of Hope/Ragdoll Project. A workshop to make dolls was requested; maybe a group of WCA women could get together on a Friday evening. Another suggestion was to make dolls at the Community Center/Red House in East Falls. Eva Preston suggested using old baby clothes for dolls. Stay tuned for more details.

e.    Dec. 8. Holiday Party.
Look for information in your mail chimp. Thanks to Karen Love Cooler for hosting.

a.    Techknowledge
Everyone congratulated the curator and presenters and exhibitors of this show, particularly Karen Love Cooler for curating and Laura Petrovich-Cheney for presenting at Holy Family University (because they were present). We also thanked Pamela Flynn and Holy Family University for hosting and supporting the WCA/Phila chapter.

b.    Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
Ellen talked about her High Wire show the previous Friday. Simone Spicer showed everyone her poster for the POST tour. Simone discussed how there are two POST tours because of the two large areas in Philadelphia. Simone Spicer’s open studio tour is Oct. 20 & 21 at the Arts Building on Percy.

c.     iMPeRFect Gallery.
Ruth mentioned that her band, Horsey Band, would be playing at the opening. Virginia discussed how this area of Phila is really improving and how the gallery was receptive to WCA. Ellen stated that the gallery would most likely play an important role in the Phila arts scene.

Laura raised a question about show announcement. She was curious to know how to announce exhibits. Eva said that she was very pleased to have seen her announcement on both Facebook and the blog. Ellen said that any member having a show could contact the board members and their information would be posted.

d.    Virginia Maksymowicz’s China Report
Virginia talked about the Visitors Center in Love Park and her work in forgotten places of Philadelphia. She mentioned that her China report was published on the Art (

Virginia Maksymowicz gave a history of the Irving Sandler File. Ellen asked who had questions. A few members did.  As of the New Year, only current members will be linked. Virginia stated that to be considered for any WCA Phila exhibit, a member must be on the Irving Sandler File List Ellen suggested that during the material swap, Virginia show the members who needed a demo the presentation on to link into the file.

Virginia asked that all renewing members contact Laura because Virginia will be in Italy for three months.  Laura gave a quick presentation on how to renew online through national, where to find our membership information on the blog, and how to renew through the mail. Virginia discussed the difference between a member at large and a member of the chapter – the action happens at the chapter level. Virginia suggested that mailing her the information will expedite the renewal process, but to let Laura know so that she
 can mail out the membership packet.
Ellen reviewed the committees and encouraged every member to consider helping, as the WCA Phila is an all volunteer organization and the more support and dedication we have, the stronger we are. If you are interested in voltuneering for any of the committess listed here – please let the WCA Phila Board know. You’re help is much appreciated.
Administration (participate in chapter leadership, apprentice and train with the current board for a position 2013-2014) These positions are terrific for networking and resume development, and they require a small monthly commitment.  A travel stipend is available each year to the member who represents our chapter at Chapter Council at National Conference in February (alternates between New York '13 and Los Angeles '14.) (ex. Secretary will be open 2013-2014, Co-President will be an open position 2013-2014).
Exhibitions (curate an exhibition, find new venues, or help hang exhibitions)  ex. Gender Games at International House Philadelphia
Programming (plan or host a studio visit, workshop, performance or speaker)  ex. Rachel Lloyd "Girls Like Us" talk and book signing at F&N Gallery
New Media and Design (film an exhibition opening, photograph a studio tour, create postcards or brochures) ex. Performances at "Plastic" at the Plastic Club were filmed and photographed
Membership and Publicity (write a press release, interview members for blog posts, welcome new members on Facebook, send out membership cards, or attend networking events and give out brochures)

8:04 the meeting ended and the material swap and Irving Sandler demo began.  Just about everyone left at 9:20 pm.

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